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Inside The Most Impressive Private Car Clubs In America

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An Inside Look Into The Most Impressive Private Car Social Clubs

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most spectacular and prestigious private car clubs in the U.S. and how members of the clubs share car-themed events, experiences, and a car-collecting lifestyle.

From Miami to Seattle, these impressive car club communities are member-driven car collectors that share a passion for not only cars, but entertainment, social events, family, and friends.

These fun-filled clubs include shared experiences such as competitive racing on private tracks, exclusive private fundraising parties, themed live events, private parties, charity events, car shows, and even exclusive fashion and art shows.

The common theme among the more than 300 car clubs around the country is that car club membership offers the opportunity to meet new friends and share experiences with old friends, all while sharing the common interest and passion for collecting cars.


OTTO Car Club
Scottsdale, AZ

The OTTO Car Club & Vehicle Storage (TTO) is a unique car community that combines a high-octane members-only social club with car themed events such as individual parties, corporate gatherings, and charity events. The club includes individual car condos, a club house, and entertainment facilities. (READ MORE ON THE OTTO CAR CLUB)


Naples Ultimate Garages
Naples, Florida

Naples Ultimate Garages & Car Condos is a 5 Star rated car storage facility, car detailing center, social car club, race simulator center, and private event venue center based in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida. Also See: (Ultimate Garages Car Condos Naples Article)


Collection Suites
Miami, Florida

The Miami Collection Suites Car Club is a private membership car club that provides a luxury experience and lifestyle for all types of car aficionados. Club membership ensures an unparalleled experience for like-minded car enthusiasts to connect, share, and accelerate a passionate Miami lifestyle. Club members are privy to a full calendar of private in-house and off-site events, including celebrity guest appearances, exclusive car shows, art expos, fundraisers, and more. Each unit is fully customizable and fully integrated with top-of-the-line entertainment systems, Italian cabinetry, ceramic tile flooring, contemporary wall finishes, and top-notch gated security to ensure 100% privacy. Car storage suites can comfortably store up to 10 cars.


Club Auto Sport
Silicon Valley

Club Auto Sport Car Club is where car aficionados and vintage car collectors have one thing in common: a passion for some the world’s finest automobiles. Now, there’s a unique commercial condominium and club purpose built for car collector, vintage race car and motor sports enthusiast. A unique commercial condominium car facility and club purpose-built for racing and car enthusiasts in Silicon Valley.


Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Motorcar Car Club & Storage is more than just a place to store cars–it’s a destination. From the luxurious viewing lounges, to the full service bar, to our exciting events, we’ve built a community that brings owning and collecting cars to life. The Atlanta Motorcar Club delivers a unique club atmosphere and attracts a diverse yet connected group of members looking to elevate their car collector experience through culture and community. The club provides an active social calendar of events that includes celebrity guest days; expert presentations; guest speakers; destination drive days; cocktail parties; family celebrations; fashion shows; corporate events; charity functions; and more. Lastly, the Atlanta Motorcar Club has teamed up with the Atlanta Motorsports Park to provide members the opportunity to push their cars to the limits on a professionally designed Formula One 2-mile race track. Also See: (Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage Is Loaded With Car Enthusiasts and Social Events)


Finish Line Auto Club
Costa Mesa, CA

The Finish Line Auto Club & Car Condos is the ultimate motor enthusiast facility in Costa Mesa, California, offering a private, safe, and secure 80,000 square foot facility dedicated exclusively to its owners and their most prized car collections. Finish Line members enjoy first-rate amenities such as a private club house with bar, pool table, poker table, and wine storage lockers; an outdoor patio lounge; common area restrooms; an auto wash and detail area; and private card key access security gates and 24 hour camera monitoring. The car club also offers a full calendar of social events. This car club was created by collectors, for collectors. Also See: (The Finish Line Auto Club Opens Another Private Car Club in Costa Mesa California)


Porsche Design Tower & Car Condos
Sunny Isles Beach, Florida (N. Miami)

The Oceanfront Porsche Design Tower in N. Miami is one of the most sought-after living locations for the rich and famous who seek ultimate privacy and absolutely love their cars. This one-of-a-kind luxury tower is the only high-rise in the world to provide in-unit sky-rise parking. Imagine driving right into a custom-built car elevator (known as the Dezervator) that whisks you up to your luxurious oceanfront condo. Then imagine parking your car adjacent to your living room behind privacy glass for easy viewing from your living room. The Porsche Design Tower boasts 132 residential units with royalty-like amenities provided by top-notch Porsche  designers. The units are home to multiple celebrities, billionaires, and some extremely passionate car collectors. Also See: (Drive Into Your Livingroom At Miami’s Luxury 60-Story Porsche Design Tower Article)


M1 Motorsports Club
Pontiac, Micigan

The M1 Motorsports Car Club, Car Condo & Performance Track is the ultimate driving club and includes a professional race track and extreme social events. At M1 Motorsports Club, car lovers can push their performance machines or enjoy all the heritage of their vintage classics. No need to worry about cops, speed-limits or potholes here. The M1 Motorsports Club provides regular track access to its members in a controlled, safe, and world-class driving environment. There are over 300 private car condos surrounding the performance track where members host numerous car-themed events for their friends and family. Also See: ( M1 Concourse & Motorsport Club & Performance Track)


Big Horn Country Club
Palm Desert, California

The BIGHORN Country Club home to “The Vault” Luxury Car Storage is the ultimate car club in the west with its racy architectural design, is a first-class car gallery. Inspired by the sleek design of Europe’s finest cars, vintage Americana models, and one-of-a-kind automobiles from around the globe, The Vault is the car aficionado’s ultimate home away from home! The Vault’s extraordinary showplace interior houses 50 of the world’s greatest automobiles and eight sleek, road-machine motorcycles. Plus, BIGHORN is the first and only club to offer a premium vehicle showroom with a lifestyle aspect in its 2,750sf Redline Lounge. Also See: The Vault Car Club Entertains At The Big Horn Country Club In Palm Springs, California


T11 COTA Car Condos
Austin, Texas

T11 COTA Car Condos: Located at Austin’s famous Turn 11 at Circuit of The Americas Race Track, T-11 car condos will be a unique opportunity to house your vehicles at a world-class destination for motorsports and entertainment. T-11 features a clubhouse and amenity space accessible to all car condo members, including a pool, outdoor lounge, grills, club room, conference rooms, showers, outdoor plaza, and on-site management office. Also See: (T11 Car Condos Announces Breaking Ground At The Circuits of Americas Race Track in Austin TX )


The Thermal Car Club
Thermal, California

The Thermal Car Club & Motorsport Race Track offers a relaxed and comfortable sense of community, premier auto circuits, extraordinary residential offerings, welcoming staff, world-class culinary offerings, Outdoor Pursuits, and Wellness programs all serve to enrich your time at The Thermal Club. We have built and continue to add amenities to a setting where families can forge cross-generational memories and enrich their lives inside the sanctuary we call The Thermal Club. Everything we do is driven by the desire to create an exciting canvas where families can enjoy their time together. The Thermal Club Every Thing Automotive, Community, Design, Events, Lifestyle & MotorSports. (FULL ARTICLE: The Thermal Club)


Wheel House Car Condos
San Pablo, Florida

The Wheel House Car Club & Car Condos offers a social element among these rows of condos, with regular “community” barbecues and other parties as well as a clubhouse for owners.


The Vault Car Club
Scottsdale, Arizona

The Vault of Scottsdale Car Club & Car Storage offers a unique and memorable location for corporate or personal events. Our 16000 ft auto vault storage facility includes state-of-the-art architecture, views of some of the world’s most stunning vehicles, access to a 1400 square foot lounge and theater, and a centralized location in proximity to the Scottsdale Airport. From start to finish, we work tirelessly to ensure your event is coordinated as imagined with catering options available as well. We can assist in planning your event, providing vendors or just being the space to ensure your event meets and exceeds your expectations.


Carolina Exotic Car Club

The Carolina Exotic Car Club & Car Condos of RALEIGH, NC is a custom built, truly unique facility which combines all aspects of service and amenities for exotic and collector car owners. The is a private, membership only club and storage facility which combines an active social club with secure climate controlled storage, on-site maintenance and repair, detail, private event venue rentals, catering, enclosed transport and much more. Also Read: (Carolina Exotic Car Club Is A New Private Playground For Car Enthusiasts In Raleigh NC – Article)



Texas Garage Condos
San Antonio, Texas

Garages of Texas Car Club & Car Condos is a unique car community that At Garages of Texas, we didn’t set out to make a glorified storage facility, instead we wanted to create the ideal atmosphere for motor vehicle owners. Our luxury garage suites are the optimal place for their car and themselves… the perfect place for both man and machine.


M1 Concourse & MotorSports Track
Pontiac, Michigan

M1 Concourse Car Club Condos & Performance Track is an 87-acre playground for auto enthusiasts that includes a secure community of 250+ Private Garages with its own private Motorsports Club and an action-packed 1.5-mile test and performance track, The Champion Motor Speedway.

The venue includes a 28,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Event Center located immediately adjacent to the performance track allowing for panoramic viewpoints of the expansive M1 Concourse property.

The M1 Concourse offer opportunities for special events, providing the perfect venue for corporate, social, and private events, new vehicle introductions, festivals, product demonstrations, auto events/experiences, weddings, parties, and much more. Also See: (M1 Concourse Motorsport Club & Performance Track)


The Concours Club
Miami, Florida

The Concours Car Club and Car Condos & Professional Race Track is a members-only motorsport facility blends high-performance driving, impeccable service and luxury amenities within a spectacular resort setting. Located minutes from the heart of Miami, this is the ultimate escape for automotive enthusiasts and collectors to relax, connect, and share their passion. The heart of The Concours Club is the world’s most technologically advanced driving circuit. Also Read: (New Miami Concours Car Club and Race Track Includes Luxurious Spa & Restaurant)


Big Horn Country Club
Palm Desert, California

The BIGHORN Country Club’s “The Vault” is an automobile collector’s paradise! In this fundraiser video, Jay Leno and Donald Osborn are featured as special guests who chat with club members over cocktails about their experiences with cars. The event included Steve McQueen’s Porsche Speedster and carried the theme “celebrating the passion for great cars.”