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The Hargrove Car Condo Club Gets Approval for a 36-Acre Car Storage Facility in Palm Coast, Florida

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The Hargrove Car Club has just been approved for a new 36-acre, fifty-unit private car condo community in Palm Coast, Florida, just north of Daytona Beach.

The 36-acre luxury car club community is designed to offer car collectors not only car storage but also a luxury community and safe-haven for car enthusiasts to safely store their precious gems and share their love of cars with other aficionados.

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The first phase of the 36-acre community will include 25 buildings covering over 200,000 sq. ft., including seven multi-storage buildings, a luxury community clubhouse, and flex-warehouse storage for motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more.

FACTOID: tracks car condo clubs throughout North America. Currently, there are approximately 383 total car condo clubs and private car storage units in the United States, with 68 in Florida, representing over 16% of the total car condo market. (Per: )

The seven multi-storage buildings are subdivided into 50 individual car condo units measuring approximately 12 feet high, 25 feet wide, and 50 feet deep. Each unit will be capable of storing up to 8 vehicles and can be customized to the owner’s content, making it a perfect man cave. The flex-warehouse storage facility is offered to members for quick expansion for motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more.

outside the Hargrove Car Club and Car Storage First Building


  •  36-acre car club community and car storage
  • 220,0000 two-phase development
  • 15 sq.ft. including cars condos and clubhouse
  • 50 individual private car condo units
  • Customizable with Mezzanine and car lifts
  • Easy Access to I-95 and 20 Miles North of Daytona Beach

The entire Palm Coast complex is private and gated. Each man cave includes large garage doors, loading spaces, and a reception area for the warehouse buildings. The Hargrove Car Club’s societal life emphasizes a community among car enthusiasts, where people can hang out, showcase their vehicles, and even hold events.

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The club is the brainchild of JB Gelman Companies, LLC, which purchased the land back in 2020 and has just recently been approved for construction as of Jan. 17, 2024. The JB Gelman Companies, LLC, is the official owner of the land and engineering to be completed by Alliant Engineering.

The car condo club will be located just 20 miles north of Daytona Beach on 36 acres of land. The car club will feature private storage for classic car collections and more.

The club address is 11 Hargrove Lane in Palm Coast, Florida, located 20 miles north of Daytona and 60 miles south of Jacksonville.

For Amelia Island Concours fans, that’s approximately 70 miles or a 1.5-hour drive. The nearest airport is the Daytona Beach International Airport.

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