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The Thermal Club Motorsport Country Club Where The Passion For Auto Racing Meets Luxury Living

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Nestled in California’s picturesque Coachella Valley, The Thermal Club has become a world-class playground for affluent motorsport enthusiasts. Built-in 2012, this private Motorsport Country Club has grown into a coveted escape for the rich, offering a blend of high-octane racing adventures and luxurious living.

Premier Racetrack: A Realm of Racing Exhilaration

At the heart of The Thermal Club lies its sprawling racetrack facility, spanning over five miles and offering a plethora of course configurations to quench the thirst of motorsport enthusiasts. The tracks, designed with an emphasis on safety, feature generous paved runoff areas to protect both drivers and their cherished vehicles. Adding to the racing menu is a 1.1-mile karting track, potentially hosting professional kart races, and expanding the racing experience beyond traditional tracks.

The Thermal Club’s race track, designed by Alan Wilson, spans 5.1 miles and is divided into three distinct circuits. Each circuit has its unique features and offers more than 20 different configurations. The tracks are equipped with covered pit lanes and provide varied driving experiences.

The club’s location next to the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport facilitates easy access for members from various cities. The track is part of a larger motorsport village that includes a clubhouse with gourmet dining, a tuning garage, and on-site fueling facilities.

The Thermal Car Club and Race Track Behind It.

Boasting over five miles of blisteringly fast racetrack, three distinct circuits, and 20 versatile configurations, The Thermal Club offers an unparalleled racing escapade. Among these, a 2-mile stretch entices with three elongated straights, inviting drivers to push their machines to the edge.

Spotlight: NTT INDYCAR SERIES $1 Million Challenge

The Thermal Club is set to host a riveting episode of motorsport as the NTT INDYCAR SERIES introduces the “$1 Million Challenge at Thermal” in the 2024 season. This special event, scheduled for March 24, with preceding qualifications on March 22-23, will showcase intense racing competition for a grand prize of $1 million, broadcasted on NBC.

The Thermal Club will host the NTT INDYCAR SERIES "$1 Million Challenge at Thermal" on March 24, 2024, preceded by qualifications on March 22-23. This NBC-broadcasted event,

The Thermal Club will host the NTT INDYCAR RACING SERIES with a  “$1 Million Purse at the Thermal Club on March 24, 2024, and by qualification race on March 22-23. The event will be broadcast over the NBC-broadcasted Network.

Although the race won’t contribute to championship points, it offers a multimillion-dollar purse, with a unique format where the top five finishing teams share their earnings with Thermal Club members. This event not only brings the excitement of INDYCAR racing to The Thermal Club but also emphasizes the club’s standing as a premier motorsport venue.

Opulent Residences: Bespoke Homes and Villas

Tucked amidst the racing haven are the club’s custom homes and villas, exuding architectural elegance while offering a ringside view of the tracks. These residences range from 6,000 to 15,000 square feet, with options of three to five bedrooms, and grandiose garage spaces to house prized automotive collections.

Trackside Villas at he the Thermal Club

These trackside villas offer a front-row seat to the high-octane auto races unfolding on the race track. The blend of architectural elegance with a vantage point over the racing circuits makes these private homes a luxurious haven for private homeowners.

Some villas further boast viewing windows in the racetrack wall, offering unobstructed views of the racing action right from the comfort of one’s home. For members with expansive car collections, the club went a step further by constructing a car museum for housing over 60 high-value cars.

Proximity to Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport: A Boon for Jet-setters

The Thermal Club’s vicinity to the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (JCRA) significantly enhances the allure for wealthy members, many of whom own private planes. Located merely a stone’s throw away, JCRA provides easy and quick access to The Thermal Club, making it highly convenient for members to fly in directly to indulge in their motorsport passions. The airport, nestled in the core of Coachella Valley, opens doors to a posh neighborhood brimming with top-tier spas, PGA-certified golf greens, and exclusive country club estates. Its convenient connections to major hubs like Los Angeles, and enticing destinations like Las Vegas, Mexico, and the broader Western US, amplifies the allure of The Thermal Club’s prime location.

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Membership Investment: The Ticket to Exclusivity

Embracing the high-end motorsport lifestyle at The Thermal Club necessitates a substantial investment. A hefty one-time initiation fee of $175,000, coupled with a monthly membership cost of $2,400, sets the entry threshold. Furthermore, members are required to construct a trackside villa of 6,000 square feet or larger within five years, escalating the buy-in well beyond a million.

Building Bonds: More Than Just Racing

The Thermal Club goes beyond being a mere racetrack—it’s a place where relationships bloom among individuals united by their love for motorsports. The camaraderie doesn’t end at the finish line; it continues over meals, exciting driving escapades like ICE-driving adventures, competition, and spirited discussions about their beloved automobiles.

Thermal Club on the Track with a Dad and his child walking in front of a race car.

At The Thermal Club, racing excitement fuels lively gatherings among friends and family. Each thrilling lap around the track sparks endless chatter, turning simple meet-ups into cherished memories in this close-knit community of speed enthusiasts.

Continuous Expansion: A Legacy of Growth

The relentless growth and development at The Thermal Club underscore its allure and success. With 135 lots sold, 75 villas built, and around 250 construction workers employed daily for ongoing projects, the club is a living, evolving entity. The venture also significantly contributes to the local economy, employing about 225 people across various facets of its operation.

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Founders’ Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Behind the grandeur of The Thermal Club are its founders, Tim Rogers and his partner Twanna. Their entrepreneurial journey transcends the motorsport realm, having had a significant contract to supply gasoline to 7-Eleven stores across 36 states, owning nine Tower Markets in the Coachella Valley, and 700 acres of date palms near the racetrack.


The Thermal Club stands as a testament to a vision that harmoniously blends the thrill of racing with opulent living. It’s more than a motorsport country club; it’s a lifestyle enclave where the love for speed meets the craving for luxury, making it a distinguished establishment in the world of motorsports and beyond.



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