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The Trove Luxury Car Condo Club in Vancouver Offers The Ultimate Car Community

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The Trove Luxury Car Club in Vancouver presents an exclusive community of 45 private car condo garages, potentially ranking as one of the most luxurious car condo clubs in North America.

In the bustling city of Vancouver, The Trove Car Condo Club emerges as a groundbreaking concept in luxury vehicle storage, setting new standards for luxury vehicle storage in Vancouver.

This unique condominium complex, envisioned by Michael Hungerford of Hungerford Properties, stands near the Richmond Auto Mall, redefining what it means to own a luxury vehicle in the city.

The Trove Car Condo Club entertaining hundreds of passionate memembers with a weekend luxury Supercar Show

The Trove Car Condo Club entertaining hundreds of passionate memembers with a weekend luxury Supercar Show


The Vision of The Trove Club

Was the dream of Michael Hungerford. As a car collector, his vision for The Trove Club stemmed from a personal necessity – a secure and elegant space for his luxury vintage cars.

Faced with the common dilemma of car damage from everyday household activities, Hungerford saw an opportunity to create a  car condo & storage complex – often referred to as a “car country club”.

Hungerford states: “In my travels, I just never saw anything like this project and I just needed to build a luxury private car storage community.”

Inside a Pritate Car Condo At Vancouver' Trove Car Club With Custom Interior Designs

Inside a Private Car Condo At Vancouver’ Trove Car Club With Custom Interior Designs

The concept behind the car condominium transcends mere storage for car collectors. It is envisioned as a thriving community for avid car collectors and enthusiasts.

Here, members can engage in sharing stories, participate in car-themed events, and immerse themselves in a forward-thinking automotive community.

Designed by architect Christopher Boyzk, The Trove Car Club features (45) two-storey car condos, each offering a unique blend of luxury, sophistication, and functionality.

Each car condo ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 square feet, including an optional mezzanine level. The units are customizable, with one of four prepackaged auto-themed design packages. The car condo designs are called the Maranello, Goodwood, Detroit, and Stuttgart, providing owners the flexibility to personalize their space.

But, owners are more than welcome to customize their car condo with any theme they choose.


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Hungerford emphasizes the importance of customization, stating, “Custom options are of course available.”

The car condo complex includes two private vehicle elevators for the second level, and a passenger elevator for personal use and enhanced accessibility.

The shared community clubhouse is a focal point of the club for entertainment for car shows, fund raiser, or whatever you choose.  It features a kitchen, private dining, games and an expansive lounge, facilitating a community atmosphere among members.

The Cost of Luxury

A  Trove car condo offers a unique investment opportunity in commercial real estate where each member owns the unit. Very similar to residential condos, owners participate in appreciation and tax benefits. (Article: Benefits of Owning a Car Condo)

Unlike your average car condo, prices at The Trove start much higher. Much higher at $550,000. Some condos sell for up to $1 million, a testament to their high-end nature and the exclusive services and amenities they provide.

The Car Club Community Aspect

The Trove Club is not just about storing cars; it’s about creating a passionate car driven community that likes to socialize and share car-themed experiences.

As Hungerford puts it, “It is a community, where like-minded people can gather and share their passion for the automobile.”

This Trove ethos is central to the car club’s appeal, offering a space where car lovers can connect and share their enthusiasm day after day.

The Trove Luxury as a “Car Country Club” is a pioneering development in Vancouver’s automotive scene.

In the words of Michael Hungerford, “We’re really excited about TROVE… it’s going to be popular here,” encapsulating the spirit of innovation and passion Vancouver’s car collectors.

Key Details at a Glance:

– Cost and Customization: Prices for units range from $550,000 to nearly $1 million, reflecting the high-end, customizable nature of the storage spaces.

–  Technological Innovation: Incorporating features like electric car charging stations, The Trove Club aligns with the evolving trends in the automotive industry.

–  Community and Lifestyle: Beyond storage, the club provides a communal space with a clubhouse, kitchen, and lounge, fostering a community of like-minded car lovers.

–  Unique Features: The facility offers 45 two-story units, customizable with auto-themed design packages, ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 square feet.

Prices for the condos start at $550,000 and can range up to just under $1 million. As of this writing, All the Trove Car Condos have sold.

In addition to the storage fees, members also have access to a variety of exclusive amenities and services, including:

  • 24-hour access to their storage units
  • Professionally detailed vehicle maintenance services
  • VIP invitations to automotive events
  • Concierge services for car-related arrangements


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