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Oro Station Motor Circuit Is more Than A Hub for Racing and Innovation

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Oro Station Motor Circuit, situated in the picturesque Oro-Medonte, Ontario, is a state-of-the-art facility designed to cater to automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

Combining a high-performance race track with an advanced business park, Oro Station fosters a unique environment for motorsport and automotive technology development.

The centerpiece of Oro Station is its 4.1 km FIA-approved motor circuit, meticulously designed by Driven International. The track features 16 challenging turns and multiple configurations, including separate North and South circuits, making it versatile for various events and driving experiences. (More about the track is listed below)

Oro Station Motor Circuit

Oro Station Motor Circuit, located in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, opened to the public in 2023

The innovation park spans over 500,000 square feet and is dedicated to automotive research, engineering, and education. This hub houses businesses involved in engineering, design, supply, and manufacturing, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for automotive advancements.

Bexley Motor Club: The Heart of Oro Station

The Bexley Motor Club at Oro Station is a premier destination for car enthusiasts, offering a variety of features, benefits, and activities designed to create a vibrant community.

As the cornerstone of the Oro Station development, the club fosters a community where members can share their passion for cars, enhance their driving skills, and participate in various social events.

Bexley Motor Club at Oro Station

Bexley Motor Club at Oro Station offers exclusive access to a 4.1 km FIA-approved motor circuit, luxurious clubhouse and lounge facilities, and comprehensive vehicle storage and Carcierge services for automotive enthusiasts.

Overlooking the multi-configuration 4.1 km motor circuit, the clubhouse provides a luxurious environment for members to relax, socialize, and network.

Members of Bexley Motor Club enjoy exclusive access to state-of-the-art facilities, including a lounge, bar, dining area, fitness center, pro shop, and changing and locker rooms.

The club offers secure and climate-controlled vehicle storage options through the Bexley Carcierge service, which also includes regular maintenance and vehicle preparation Private garages and car condo garages, and car barns are available for members who wish to store and work on their vehicles on-site​.

The club provides comprehensive support for enhancing driving skills and technical knowledge. Members have access to professional coaching, data analysis, human performance coaching, and technical vehicle advice, all aimed at improving driving skills and mechanical understanding.

Additionally, the club hosts various automotive innovation and education classes, future mobility workshops, and collaborative opportunities with leading engineers, manufacturers, and technology companies​.

Bexley Motor Club regularly organizes social events and gatherings, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among its members.

The club’s commitment to providing an engaging and supportive environment makes it a unique and valuable addition to Oro Station.

With its combination of exclusive facilities, comprehensive support services, and vibrant community activities, Bexley Motor Club is truly at the heart of the Oro Station experience.


The private car condo garages at Oro Station Motor Circuit, known as “autominiums,” are designed to offer car enthusiasts secure and customizable storage solutions.

These car condos are available for purchase, providing owners with a personal space within the Oro Station complex. Each car condo “autominium” can be tailored to meet individual preferences, ensuring that they serve not only as storage units but also as personalized spaces for car maintenance and display.

These car condo garages come with the benefits of the Bexley Carcierge service, which includes regular maintenance and vehicle preparation. This ensures that members can spend more time enjoying the track and less time worrying about the upkeep of their vehicles.

Additionally, the private car condo garages are part of a comprehensive suite of amenities offered by the Bexley Motor Club, which includes exclusive access to the 4.1 km FIA-approved motor circuit, a luxurious clubhouse and lounge, a fitness center, and a dining area.

Overall, the private garages at Oro Station provide a secure, convenient, and luxurious solution for car enthusiasts looking to store and maintain their vehicles within a premier automotive community.


The centerpiece of Oro Station is its 4.1 km FIA-approved motor circuit, a meticulously designed track by Driven International.

The circuit’s design process involved extensive site walks, drives, and hand sketches, which were later digitized and engineered to create a layout that maximized the natural rolling topography of the site.

This thoughtful design results in a track that is not only challenging but also engaging for drivers at all levels.

Aerial view of the Oro Station Motor Circuit

Aerial view of the Oro Station Motor Circuit, a 4.1 km FIA-approved track featuring 16 challenging turns and multiple configurations, designed for both modern GT and vintage racing​

The circuit features 16 technically demanding turns, offering a mix of high-speed and technical sections that require precision and skill to navigate.

This combination makes the track both exciting and addictive, with each sector demanding careful attention to optimize lap times.

One of the key aspects of the Oro Station circuit is its versatility. The track can be configured in multiple ways to suit different types of events and driving experiences.

The full 4.1 km layout includes 16 corners, but it can also be divided into separate North and South circuits. The North Circuit can range from 1.5 km to 1.7 km, while the South Circuit can vary between 1.9 km and 2.3 km.

These split configurations allow for simultaneous events on different parts of the track, enhancing its usability and appeal for a wide range of activities.

In addition to its layout, the circuit’s infrastructure is designed to meet FIA Grade 3 standards, ensuring high levels of safety with appropriate run-off areas and barriers.

The integration of a comprehensive digital control system, including timing, video, and radio systems, further enhances the operational efficiency and safety of the track.

This system supports future expansions for sensor and data systems, making Oro Station a cutting-edge facility for automotive research and testing.

Overall, the Oro Station Motor Circuit stands out not only for its challenging and engaging design but also for its versatility and state-of-the-art infrastructure, making it a premier destination for both amateur enthusiasts and professional drivers.


Georgian College and Education

Oro Station has established a partnership with Georgian College to create educational opportunities in automotive technology and engineering. This collaboration is designed to prepare students for careers in the automotive industry, integrating practical training with cutting-edge research.

Moreover, Oro Station is committed to sustainability, working towards FIA Environmental Accreditation, which underscores its dedication to responsible and forward-thinking automotive development

With its world-class racing circuit, innovative business park, and strong community focus, Oro Station is set to become a leading destination for automotive enthusiasts and professionals. Its commitment to education and sustainability further positions it as a forward-thinking automotive hub.

The Oro Station Motor Circuit is located at 465 Line 7 North, Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada. This location is strategically positioned near the expanding Lake Simcoe Regional Airport, enhancing its connectivity and accessibility.

For more detailed information, visit the Oro Station Motor Circuit website​ at

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