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Discover The Motocave’s New Luxury Car Condo & Car Club Community in St. Petersburg, Florida

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In a game-changing move for luxury car collectors, Motocave Car Condos has just launched its state-of-the-art car community in St. Petersburg, Florida. Imagine a place where your prized vehicles aren’t just stored but celebrated!

The Motocave Car Condo Community is located at the intersection of Gandy and I-275. The entire community covers a sprawling 3.7-acre property and offers 43 luxury car storage units. Ranging from 918 to 1,440 sq. ft., these units aren’t just for your cars – you can also safely store your wine collection, precious art, or even a stash of rare cigars.

The Motocave is one of several luxury car storage communities to establish itself in the Northwest Florida area. Just last year, The Motor Enclave emerged near downtown Tampa, offering not only car condo garages but also a full 1.6-mile performance racetrack. This $100+ million car community is nearly sold out and has rapidly become one of Tampa’s fastest-growing attractions.

aerial view of the Motocave Car Condo Community, showcasing its clubhouse and 43 luxury car condo garages.

Here’s an aerial view of the Motocave Car Condo Community, showcasing its clubhouse and 43 luxury car condo garages on 3.7 acres.

The heart of this community is the luxurious 2,178 sq. ft. multi-story clubhouse. Perfect for meetings, events, or just chilling with fellow owners, it’s decked out with glass roll-up doors, bathrooms, a shower, and a second-story balcony that offers the best views in town.

Above is an inside look at a car condo garage storage unit that stores four cars and is equipped with a mezzanine balcony.

Above is an inside look at a car condo garage storage unit that stores four cars and is equipped with a mezzanine balcony.

For personal get-togethers, each car condo unit can be tailored and designed according to the owner’s preferences. This can include lounge furniture, a custom kitchen, a game room, a pool table, and even a cigar-smoking “Man Cave Getaway.” The car condo is fully equipped to safely accommodate multiple car lifts, high-tech power tools, and any other car collection enhancements you might desire.

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Safety’s a top priority here. With concrete walls, an automatic gate, and fire sprinklers, peace of mind is part of the package. Plus, for those looking to add a personal touch, units are fully customizable.

Behind this innovative project is a dream team: Bowen Arnold and John Shilling from DDA Development, Scott Clendening from Commercial Partners Realty, and Matthew Mosk from Mosk Development. With their combined expertise, it’s no wonder Motocave is set to redefine luxury storage in Pinellas County.

Thinking of joining this premier storage community? You better act fast. With its unique offerings and prime location, spaces are expected to fill up quickly.

For those who’ve always wanted a space that’s more than just a garage, Motocave promises an experience. Each unit is constructed to withstand Florida’s unpredictable weather, ensuring your valuables remain protected against the elements. And if you’re wondering about the nitty-gritty details, each unit is air-conditioned, has separate electric metering, and is built with top-notch materials like concrete blocks and a precast concrete roof deck.

But what truly sets Motocave apart is its sense of community. It’s not just about parking your car and leaving. It’s about connecting with fellow enthusiasts, sharing stories over a cocktail on the clubhouse balcony, and celebrating the finer things in life.

Scott Clendening, a key figure behind this project, mentioned, “We wanted to create a space where luxury meets community. Where every car enthusiast finds a home.” And with Motocave, it seems they’ve done just that.

For those interested in being a part of this exclusive community, the Motocave team is just a call away. And a little insider tip? They’re especially welcoming to partnerships, so teaming up with a buddy or two might just be the way to go.

In the fast-paced world of luxury vehicles and storage solutions, Motocave is making waves, setting new standards, and driving (pun intended) the future of luxury storage in Florida. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this revolution.

You can contact the Motocave Development Team at the following:

Motocave Car Condo Luxury Car Community
2051 Gandy Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL 33702 (View Google Map)
Phone: 727-318-3030
Motocave Car Club Website:
Austin Karrick, Vice President
Commercial Partners Realty, Inc.


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