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The Motor Enclave Approved to Build a $100 Million Experiential Car Club Community and Race Track in Tampa Florida

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The Hillsborough County Commission gave the green light to The Motor Enclave to start building a $100 million experiential car club community and private race track  on +200-acres of land just east of the Tampa Executive Airport. The new club will feature a professional racetrack,  event center, private car storage garages, and membership to a car club community.

Xap of the planned Enclave development

The Future Location of the Motor Enclave Development +200-Acres Located at the intersection of I-75 and I-4 adjacent to the Tampa Executive Airport

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The Motor Enclave is the vision of Brad Oleshansky, of Birmingham Michigan, who also built one of the world’s largest automotive experiential car club communities in Michigan called the M1 Concourse.

The M1 Concourse is like an Automotive Country Club for car enthusiasts. Think of it as instead of golf carts, your exotic cars, and instead of fairways, you have race tracks. 

Auto Race Track

New 1.6 Mile Professional Auto Race Track with Professional Driving Instructors at the Motor Enclave Car Club

At the M1 Concours race track, you can race cars, party at events, entertain your friends and family, show off your favorite cars, see other cool cars, and rub elbows with others who love cars. For racing enthusiasts and car collectors, this is a dream come true.

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Sound good? Well, it is. Because Mr. Oleshansky just got final approval to build a similar club in Tampa. But he says, this one is going to be bigger and better than his M1 Concourse club.

The new Tampa club will offer a processional 1.6-mile performance race track with straightaways, elevations, and over 15 challenging twists and turns, he says. The club will also offer a new robust 60-acre experiential off-road dirt track trucks motorcycles and three-wheelers. 

Motor Enclave development map

200 Arce Car Club development to include a 1.6-mile road track, 60-Acre Off-Road track, +300 Private Car Storages Garages

The race track is really going to be top-notch and special, Oleshansky says. it’s going to be a major destination that will help the community and create jobs. I’m already in late-stage negotiations with a Tampa-based company to buy the naming rights to the performance track. The community is going to love it!

Oleshansky says they will also offer professional driving courses and instruction and competitive racing series with teams and regularly scheduled events. We have professional racing and car mechanics on staff to lend assistance with your car, and if you don’t have a race car, you can rent one of the many exotic or supercars we keep in the paddock, he says.

inside car garage storage

An inside look into a car collector’s private car storage garage.

The Motor Enclave race track is more for race car enthusiasts, while the private garages, or sometimes referred to as CarCondos, are more for private car collectors. They will be extremely attractive for car collectors that have more cars than they have garage space.

Inside a custom built luxury car storage unit

Storing 3 exotic and classic cars Inside a custom built luxury car storage unit

The Enclave will offer over 300 private luxury garages that can be customized, built-out and designed to your heart’s desire. A typical garage holds 2-6 cars and ranges in size from 600 to 3,600 square feet. All the units are part of a community and include membership which provides a host of services including private gated entrances and 24/7 security. 

The car condo garage units most often used for storing and showcasing exotic, classic, and vintage cars, they can also be used for hobbies, workshops, business, and entertaining. Think of the garage as a blank canvas, a flexible storage unit that can easily be customized to include a living space, car lift, game room, bar, big screen TV, mezzanine, kitchen, or even a music studio.  

Custom designed private garage car condo

Custom-designed private garage car condo showcasing a car lift right to the living room

But the garages are going fast! Oleshansky says, “As of January 2021 we have already pre-sold over 130 private garages. They are selling fast and the interest is fantastic. People understand the value of a car community and just can’t wait to buy a unit. I have interested buyers in Orlando, Sarasota, Clearwater, and Tampa.”

“I’d say we’ve got more than a dozen guys in Tampa who want multiple units”, Oleshansky concludes.

car garage with car lifts

Custom garage with car lifts for increased storage capacity

A typical garage is priced around $200,000 and is purchased as equity investment, rather than leased or rented. The garage may offer several financial benefits including tax deductions and equity appreciations. 

When you own a garage, you will have access to the new 35,000+ square foot corporate event center and club house. All members will have full access to the clubhouse, activities, and dining facilities.

Outside view of luxury car storage

Custom built luxury garage storage units – Called “Car Condo” from the M1 Concourse Club

The event center includes a full-service kitchen, upscale dining, and top-notch culinary chefs.

The event center is capable of hosting over 500 people and will provide services for hosting a variety of events including car shows, corporate vehicle launches, private parties, galas, charity events,  fashion shows, and large automotive and technology exposition.

Luxury Garage with Mezzanine

Custom Luxury Garage Designed with Mezzanine, Deck, Bar, Gaming Table, and The Perfect Lighting

The event center may also include a cigar lounge, restaurant and gift shop.

The Tampa Motor Enclave will break ground in Q1 of 2021 and focus on first building the 35,000 sq. ft. event center and phase one of the private garages. Simultaneously they will be plowing, paving, and building out the new professional road race track and off-road track.

We are putting on completing the entire project by mid 2022, Oleshansky says.

party in garage unit

Weekend Event Inside a custom automotive-themed double garage with cityscape walls.

Since the approval, Oleshansky comments,  I am now in the process of moving our headquarters to Tampa Bay and will be becoming a Tampa resident myself. 

“Lastly”, Oleshansky says, “This is only the beginning, The Motor Enclave company is also planning experiential car communities developments in Columbus, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee – all to be opened over the next 3 years.”

Motor Enclave Tampa Highlights
  • The Motor Enclave Tampa, Florida 33610
  • Projected Opening: Q2 2022
  • Pre-Sales: February 1, 2021 for Private Garage Condos
  • Location: +200-acre site
  • +35,000 Square Feet Event Center
  • Garages: +300 Private Garage Condo
  • 1.6-mile Performance Circuit
  • 60-acre Off-Road Experiential Dirt Track
Brad Oleshansky Motor Enclave CEO Founder

The Motor Enclave CEO Founder
Brad Oleshansky

The Motor Enclave Contact Information:

The Enclave Car Club in Tampa, Florida, also known as The Motor Enclave, is located at 6499 N. Falkenburg Rd, Tampa, FL 33610.

You can contact them by phone at 877-8-ENCLAVE (877-836-2528) or at 866.273.7727​

For details on Private Garage pricing/availability, sponsorships, facility rentals:


[email protected]

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