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Carolina Exotic Car Club Is A New Private Playground For Car Enthusiasts In Raleigh NC

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Carolina Exotic Car Club is a custom-built, truly unique facility that combines all aspects of service and amenities for exotic and collector car owners.CECC is a private, membership-only club and storage facility that combines an active social club with secure climate-controlled storage, on-site maintenance and repair, detail, private event venue rentals, catering, enclosed transport, and much more.

Cars And Coffee Car Show

Members And Guests Celebrate A Weekend “Cars And Coffee” Car Show At The Carolina Exotic Car Club

Carolina Exotic Car Club Amenities include private garages, warehouse storage, a luxurious clubhouse, access to the vehicle consignment center, racing simulators, and photography services.

Carolina Exotic Car Club Offers Two Types Of Car Storage, Including Private Car Storage And Warehouse Storage.

The private car storage garages can be customized to the renter’s personal taste. The garages are available in several different sizes that can accommodate 1-4 vehicles.

Each storage unit includes heat and air conditioning (HVAC), air compressors, electricity, WIFI and epoxy floors. Additional amenities include custom mezzanines, 7,000 pd. car commercial car lifts, workbenches, and so on….. CECC includes 24-hour security and 365 annual 24-hour access to each unit. You can call for vehicle storage pricing.


Carolina Car Storage Birds Eye View

Carolina Car Storage Offers 40 Private Car Condo Garages Plus Personal Warehouse Vehicle Storage For Classic Collectible Cars

Warehouse storage allows renters vehicle storage in a large luxury showroom with 50 other collectible cars.

The storage facility provides a professionally trained car curator to maintain and watch over each and every vehicle. The curator will regularly check the battery – and charge if necessary – check fluids, and maintain tire pressure .

The curator will even “Exercise” the vehicle on short 10-mile drives at the owner’s request. Warehouse storage is available to all members for $225 per month and $300 for non-members.(Read more about car storage)

The Carolina Exotic Car Club is a private, membership-only club that provides car-themed events, entertainment, and services.

Membership is more of a car enthusiasts’ social club than a car club. The club offers all members weekly social events including Cars & Coffee Meet-Up, Monthly Barbeque & Cookout, VIP & Executive Events, Exotic Car Test Drives, and organized road trips. Additionally, all car club members have access to a one-of-a-kind luxurious Club House.


The Member’s Only Clubhouse

This Is The Member’s Only Clubhouse That Includes A Private Dining Room, Luxury Bar, Cigar Lounge, Racing  Simulators, Business Conferences Rooms, and More…


The Club House is only available to members and their guests. It is car-themed and a great place to entertain or kick back and mellow out.

The clubhouse offers a private gourmet chef that regularly serves lunches, appetizers & private dining venues. Inside the Club House, you will find two luxurious lounges that include two bars and a cigar lounge.

The Club House also offers a private dining room, three conference rooms, a game room, and a large, fully-equipped business center.

Lastly, club membership offers you private storage lockers for your personal liquor and wine favorites. (READ MORE ON MEMBERSHIP)

Private membership is available for only $2,900 per year.

Carolina Exotic Car Consignment Show Room

Carolina Exotic Car Consignment Show Room Offer Members A Private Place To Buy And Sell Collectible Cars


The CECC offer all member’s a vehicle consignment service. The service allows members to buy and sell any collectible car. (View cars in the showroom)

Club members also have access to the most advanced car racing simulators.

For car enthusiasts who love to race, the SimXperience racing simulator is the closest you can get to driving at a race track.

The SimXperience racing simulator is the most realistic driving experience on the market.

While in the simulator, you can feel the engine & road surface details. The SimVibe augments our every racing motion, vibration, and sound. You can feel every road surface detail and hear the winding revving of the engine.


Carolina Exotic Car Club, 3107 Glen Royal Road, Raleigh, NC, 27617, USA
 (919) 745-8880
[email protected]

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