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Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage Is Loaded With Car Enthusiasts and Social Events

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Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage  – The Place for People Who Love Cars

While car storage is our backbone, creating an exciting and unique experience for car enthusiasts is our passion! Our specialty of combining unparalleled collector car storage with an active calendar full of social events, parties, organized driving events and other activities is what we do best.

Cars are showcased in our highly secure climate-controlled storage gallery featuring larger-than-life artwork, diamond polished flooring and engineered lighting systems designed to highlight the beauty of our members’ cars. We offer white glove services with easy and convenient access to stored cars.

 Atlanta Motor Car Club Lounge & Interior

Atlanta Motor Car Club Lounge & Interior

The club is where everything comes to life. A full-service bar, dining menu, business and meeting facilities, gallery and mezzanine viewing lounges, racing simulator and much more are the perfect setting for members to meet, socialize and build lasting friendships with fellow members, families and guests.

Our membership programs take car storage to new heights, bringing a community of car enthusiasts together by showcasing their cars in a museum-like setting along with country club activities and amenities. We believe our unique approach of integrating club membership and vehicle storage creates a rich car culture and ensures members that their collector cars are safe alongside fellow members’ cars.

Video Overview of the Club

Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage. Car storage & social club for classic, exotic, & vintage car owners.

Car Club Life

From the new luxurious car clubhouse, all members can take in the huge 26,000 sq. ft. car collection showroom and gallery with cars organized in a beautiful museum-type setting.

A unique feature to complement the members’ cars are 20 life-size images of classic cars from years past, covering the surrounding walls. Both cars and images are lit by a dimmable LED lighting system, adding to the gallery ambiance.

Club Social Events

The events are very auto-centric, educational, and interesting. They include weekly social events; private events; cocktail parties; family celebrations; corporate events; auto seminars; and/or charity events.

Atlanta Motor Car Club and Storage Main Bar Area

Car Auction Social Event at the Main Bar

Car Auction Social Event at the Main Bar

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers include a variety of car collection experts, car celebrities, auto racers, famous and local speakers, artists, and other guests.

Women on Wednesday

The Women on Wednesday group meets on a regular basis to explore and discuss all aspects of women on the racing circuit, car collecting, and all types of automotive-related lifestyles.

Vintage Car Collection Events, Socials and Parties!!!

From the Le Mans Car Race to the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500 to the Superbowl, they have you covered with regular parties for major sporting events. They also host a variety of social events, including car shows, vintage car collections, and some car repair and maintenance classes.

Events include: Indycar, Formula 1, NASCAR, Mecum Auto Auctions, NFL, MLB, US Open…and more much, much, more….

Leading Business Amenities

Business meetings with a full 12-seat conference table with a built-in audio/visual support connection, two large-screen monitors for presentations, and hospitality services.

Top of the Line Pro-Race Auto Simulators and Games

This is the latest in Auto Game Racing. It includes the 4-axis motion system, taking your sim racing experience to the next level.  This is the race car simulator preferred by many professional race car drivers and teams around the globe.

Auto Racing Game Championship

Auto Racing Game Championship

About Car Storage

Atlanta Motorcar Club & Storage was created to offer a fresh, new alternative that goes well beyond basic collector car storage, elevating the experience of owning and collecting cars. We believe classic and exotic cars should be showcased to highlight their splendor and not be stuffed in warehouses.

That “storage” should be much more than a resting place, but a center of opportunity to fully engage in the joys of owning and driving the cars we love.

The Car Gallery

Our modernist, museum-styled car gallery is designed to bring stored cars to life! Multiple viewing lounges, engineered lighting, life-sized auto artwork, and polished flooring come together to create a truly unique setting for members to share stories and experiences alongside their cars with other like-minded car enthusiasts.

Vintage Automobile Colloctor Storage Area

Vintage Automobile Collector Storage Area

Our car storage plans are designed to meet a variety of preferences and we offer a broad range of concierge services upon request.

Car Club Contact Information

Atlanta Motor Car Club
1645 Redi Rd, Cumming, GA 30040
(770) 573-4270
[email protected]

  • Friday: 10AM–10PM
  • Saturday: 10AM–10PM
  • Sunday: 11AM–7PM
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10AM–5PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM–9PM
  • Thursday: 10AM–9PM

Reference Code: CCC52DSSATLMC

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