Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts Growing Car Collection Gets A Boost From Local Dealer

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Jalen Hurts Car Collection is very controversial. As an NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles, he has managed to limit his spending and not jump into a car collection as fast as other NFL players and sports celebrities.

Jalen even stated that he likes to keep his lifestyle as stress-free as possible and, for the time being, purchase as little as possible.

As of this writing, Jalen Hurts only owns a couple of cars, lives in a rental, and frequently eats at home rather than wasting money on 5-Star restaurants.

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As for his car collection, and through scouring the internet, Jalen Hurts car collection includes a pre-owned Cadillac CTS, a Nissan Titan Truck, and maybe a Ford Mustang. It is rumored that when stepping out to the town, he will open his wallet and rent a supercar or luxury car from his buddies and the FC Kerbeck car Dealership.

Inside FC Kerbeck Car Dealership with Jalen Hurts

Frank C. Kerbeck and Nephew Randy from FC Kerbeck car dealership sold Jalen Hurts a pre-owned Cadillac which you can see him standing in front of a beautiful Cadillac CTS and Mercedes.

To everyone’s surprise, Jalen plugged the FC dealership in a commercial during a Dallas Cowboys football game that caused quite a stir.

The FC Kerbeck Dealership sells all luxury pre-owned Cadillacs, Maseratis, and Mercedes Benz.

Janen Hurts Standing In Front Of A Ford Car

The picture above shows Jalen Hurts accepting an award in College for Ford Automobile’s “Built Ford Tough Player of the Week”  that was featured on Houston’s Channel 11

After an expectation game, Ford’s Craig Chaudoin presented Jalen Hurts with Ford’s “Built Ford Tough Player” award for best football play of the week.

From the Falcons Website:  “Everyone at Ford Motor Company and our 234 outstanding Texas Ford Dealers are delighted to have been part of Texas high school football for the last 10 years. We especially appreciate those coaches who have taken the time to nominate their great student-athletes for the Built Ford Tough Texas High School Football Player of the Week Award throughout the 2015 campaign. With that in mind, here are the winners for Week 9, as selected by the Built Ford Tough Advisory Board:” source:

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Nissan Titan King of Trucks owned by Jalen Hurts

Jalen Nissan Titan King of Trucks owned by Jalen Hurts

From a video we viewed online, it appears that Jalen Hurts owns a Nissan Titan that provides all the room he needs to get him to and from games, and practice. The Nissan Truck is one of the best bests manufactured on the market.

UPDATE: DAK Prescott’s Car Collection

(We have been getting a lot of requests for DAK Prescotts’s Car Collection – So here is the mini version, we will have Dak’s complete collection posted very soon. Sign up for our newsletter to be updated)

Q: What type of cars does Dak Prescott own and drive?

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott’s car collection includes a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Cadillac Escalade, a Ferrari 488 Pista, a Tesla Model S, and his favorite car, a Chevrolet El Camino. One online article states he also owns a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and a Lamborghini Urus. Dak Prescott’s first car was a rockin’ 1997 sleeker-shaped Chevy Lumina. Funny enough, Dak’s 488 Ferrari has a custom vanity license plate that reads “SINGLEWIDE” — a pun on his trailer park upbringing. The Ferrari 488 Pista is one of DAK’s favorite cars and one of his daily drives. Dak also drives his Cadillac Escalade to games and practices on a daily basis.

The Car collection of DAK Prescott

Upper left is Dak Prescott’s White Ferrari 488 Pista, (Pista means track ready), his White Mercedes G63 AMG Wagon, and two pic’s of his Black Cadillac Escalade ESV.

COMING SOON: NFL’s Trevor Lawrence Car Collection, which starts out with a beautiful new Cadillac Escalade, and Brock Purdy’s car collection with his new Land Rover SUV. 

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