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Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow’s New Car Collection Includes A Brand New Lordstown Endurance EV Truck

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Joe Burrow is one of the most promising new Quarterbacks to join the NFL due to his amazing success as a college player. Joe played college football for the LSU Tigers, where he won over 20 awards, including the MVP NCAA National Championship in 2019. But now, it appears Joe is building a champion car collection that is promising to match that of his rivals, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Joe Burrow’s car collection includes a custom Lordstown EV Pickup Truck, a Porsche Taycan Supercar, an Acura NSX Supercar, and maybe one golf cart that he keeps at the stadium that he drives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Joe Burrow With his Truck

Joe Burrows started his car collection with this personalized endurance truck made by Lordstown Motors. Joe is also an official spokesman for Lordstown Motors.

Joe’s first car is a Lordstown truck (called “Endurance’) manufactured by Lordstown Motors in Lordstown, Ohio – located near Joe’s hometown. The company recently signed Joe as the official spokesman for the Endurance Truck and customized a truck just for him.

The truck’s customizations include Cincinnati Bengals team colors, Joe’s Jersey number “9” and the slogan “Working Joe” painted on the door.

The Endurance Truck has a towing capacity of 7,500 pds, with a maximum power torque of 2000/4800 FT-LB. It takes 10 hours to charge with an estimated range of about 250 miles.

Joe also owns a Porsche Taycan that appears to be his new daily driver. The Porsche Taycan is a high-performance luxury supercar, coming in at around $150,000.

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The Taycan is an EV, comfortable and quick. Other celebrities that own a Porsche Taycan are Will Smith, Jay Leno, and Bill Gates.

Brand New Porsche Taycan.

Joe Bought Himself a Brand New Porsche Taycan Exotic Car Supercar as a Daily Driver.

Although we are unsure if Joe Burrows actually purchased this vehicle, we are including it on our list of Joe Burrows’ automobiles along with the Porsche Taycan and the Lordstown Endurance Truck.

When a car enthusiast was at a car exhibition and looked down to see a sign that read “Reserve For Joe Burrow,” it said, “RESERVED FOR JOE BURROW.” The car was a brand-new orange Acura NSX.

Joe Burrow Newest Car may be this Acura NSX Supercar as seen by the hold sticker card.

Joe Burrow’s newest car may be this Acura Orange NSX Supercar, as seen by the “Reserved For Joe” hold card. We captured photo on a Twitter post.

The Joe Burrows Car Collection is expanding swiftly and showing great promise. With the newly inked $30 million, four-year football contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, I believe it may be expanding more quickly than we can imagine.

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Joe Burrows Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher Met At Ohio State About For Years Ago.

Joe Burrows’s Girlfriend is Olivia Holzmache. They Found Each Other At Ohio State About Four Years Ago.

Joe Burrows is 24 years old and went to Athens High School in The Plains, Ohio. He played football at Ohio State (2016–2017) and then transferred to LSU (2018–2019). Joe was drafted into the NFL as the number one pick in 2020, where he picked up a $36 million, four-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals. And as a topper, he picked up a cool $23 million signing bonus.


  • Born: Dec, 10th, 1996 Ames, Iowa (Age 25)
  • Hometown: The Plains Ohio (City)
  • High school: Athens High School
  • College: Ohio State (2015–2017)
  • College: LSU (2018–2019)
  • College: Lead LSU to a National Champion (2019)
  • NFL Draft: 2020 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
  • NFL: Cincinnati Bengals (2020–present)
  • Position: Quarterback #9
  • Height: 6 ft 4 in – Weight: 221 lb
  • Girlfriend: Olivia Holzmacher
  • Awards: Heisman Trophy (2019), Maxwell Award (2019),
    Walter Camp Award (2019), Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award (2019), See More
Joe Burrows At Age Ten As A Pee Wee Football Player

Joe Burrows At Age Ten As A Pee Wee Football Player For The Bulldogs


CHARITY: Joe and his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, mother, father, and family are passionate about raising money to benefit his hometown and the homeless.  As such, Joe’s family has set up a relief fund to fight hunger called the “Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund.”

If you would like to make a donation to the fund, you can do so by visiting the Hunger Relief Website HERE. The fund specifically is designed to make a difference in food insecurity across Southeast Ohio for generations to come.

Joe Burrow Girlfriend: Olivia Holzmacher
As of this writing, Joe Burrow’s has been dating long-term girlfriend “Olivia Holzmacher” (since 2017). They met at Louisiana State University just a year before Joe transferred to Louisiana State University and have been dating ever since.

She grew up in Mason, Ohio, just a few towns over from Joe’s hometown. Olivia was born in 1997 and actually grew up not far from Joe in Mason, Ohio. Olivia Holzmacher is 23 years old, an avid volleyball player, and Joe’s #1 fan.

HELP JOE’S CHARITY: Joe Burrow is dedicated to fighting hunger and has set up a fund to support his passion. The Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund is designed to make a difference in food insecurity across southeast Ohio for generations to come.
(To Read More and Help The Cause Click Here)


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