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Throttle Car Club Grand Opening in Scarborough Maine Scheduled For May 29th, 2021

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The Throttle Club is a new exciting car club with a strong focus on social, corporate, and charity events, while our new event center provides car collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to socialize and share car stories, passions, and experiences.

The 35,000-square-foot event center offers its members four levels of event hosting and entertainment services. They include a primary 1,500 square-foot event space for smaller events, a specialized car display area for showcasing unique cars that hold 50–100 guests, a larger 4,000 square-foot garage-themed space for crowds of up to 400 guests, and an outdoor event patio for even larger charity, cruise, and car show themed events.

Events are scheduled and attended by Throttle Club members, and membership comes in different flavors.

On all levels, members have access to the luxurious private member’s lounge, The member’s lounge area has many amenities, including big-screen TVs, a fully staffed modern bar, conference rooms, racing and golf simulators, plenty of workspaces, and unlimited WIFI.

car club member’s lounge The member’s lounge has big-screen TVs, a fully staffed bar, conference rooms, racing and golf simulators, plenty of workspaces, and unlimited WIFI.

All members also have access to the private garage area, which provides individual car service bays for detailing, washing, and servicing vehicles.

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Entry-level standard membership starts at $1,200 per year, while premier membership starts at $2,150 per year. So what’s the difference between the Standard and Premier Memberships? While both memberships offer full access to the club and events, the Premier Membership offers deeper discounts on car maintenance services, event rental services, and car storage fees.

Additional services offered for car collectors by the club are private vehicle brokerage services, individual vehicle valuation services, and vehicle acquisition services, which include documentation and logistics.

private garage car storage

Indoor climate-controlled luxury garage car storage with 24/7 security for private car collections

As a member, the club also offers car storage services for private car collections. The cars are stored in a warehouse-type environment that is custom-built for storing luxury, vintage, antique, classic, and modern supercars.

The warehouse car storage fees start at $300 per month. The private access warehouse is a purpose-built area equipped to comfortably store about 40 vehicles for long- or short-term storage. The warehouse is customized with humidity- and temperature-controlled climate controls, 24/7 security, and advanced fire suppression systems. The club provides wheel rotation, battery monitoring, and detailing services.

Additional services for club members include car polishing, detailing, vacuuming, interior conditioning, engine cleaning, and light tool-based maintenance services. Services such as servicing headlights, air cleaners, and engine work may also be available. The club provides wheel rotation, battery monitoring, and detailing services.

Throttle Car Club Contact Information:

Throttle Car Club
Scarborough, ME 04074
Phone: (888) 959-8051

Grand Opening: May 29th, 2021

Website Link: The Throttle Club


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