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The Toy Barn Luxury Garage Storage Opening Two Additional Locations Near Scottsdale Arizona

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With the unbridled demand for luxury private car storage, the Toy Barn Car Club has managed to slowly become Arizona’s largest private garage community. With three location under its belt, the Toy Barn is looking to expand with two new location and possibly become the largest private car club community in the U.S.

Currently, they dominate the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas with three locations, and by adding two new locations over the next year, they will have over 300 private luxury garages under management.

The car-centric communities are an amazing experience for car collectors and car enthusiasts alike. Its not a suprise that private car club communities are becoming so popular. Not only do they offer the members secure car storage, they offer a private location to share their favorite cars with neighbor car collectors, entertain business associates, hang out with friends and family, and lastly, just brag about their cars.


All Toy Barn locations offer a large luxury clubhouse for all members to use for personal activities and events.

Inside clubhouse

Inside The Toy Barn Community Clubhouse

Members are free to schedule private events and venues such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, charity events, car club meet-ups, car shows, press conferences, business meetings, and even weddings. The only requirement for holding an event is to schedule the event with the Toy Barn management team ahead of time.


The garages themselves are often called car “car-condos” because they are purchased as a real estate inventment, rather than rented like a typical storage unit, and provide living space for the owner. The living space can be customized to the owner’s delight offering a range of options including a custom lounging area, bathrooms, a kitchen, bar, and cable and Wifi service.

The average price of a unit is between $150k and $250k with larger units costing up to $650k. Pricing is largely dependent on the custom build-out, and the size of the unit. Moreover, and just like condominiums, the units offer equity appreciation, tax benefits, and an HOA that provides maintenance for the common grounds.

Inside a garage Storage Unit

Inside a owners customized garage storage unit

Typically units range from 1,092 to 1,500 sq. ft. and feature 18-foot ceilings, air conditioning, heavy-duty garage doors and floors, a private single-entrance security door, 24/7 security and gated access, and large driving lanes.

But, the units are large enough and flexible enough to be used for more than just car storage. Though most owners store car collections, the units can also be used to store motorcycles, RV’s, off-road vehicles, boats, and personal items. These units are so flexible that they can be customized into a music studio, game room, cigar lounge, poker room, art gallery, hobby-center, and paint studio.

Altogether, the Toy Barn manages five luxury car storage locations in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Three locations are now open now in the cities of  Cave Creek, Lone Mountain, and Scottsdale Airpark, and two more scheduled to open in Chandler and Lone Mountain North in early 2021.

Scottsdale Toy Barn car garage inside

Award Winning Toy Barn Luxury Car Garage Storage From The Scottsdale Location – 2020 Interior Design Award

But, Paul and Jason Phillips, the father and son team that started the business with a single location in Care Creek back in 2010, say they are not done growing – not by a long shot. With couples retiring and downsize their homes, they lose garage space, storage space, and have nowhere to put their car collections. So there lies the opportunity. Soon you will see Toy Barns beyond the State of Arizona and the plans are already in place. “We have recently teamed up with developer Brycon Construction for quicker expansion and added additional financing capabilities from Denali National Trust Partners and Wesley Development.

From Jason Philllips at the Toy Barn: “We are thrilled to be opening in Chandler and North Phoenix,” Jason notes. “And, as we’ve seen the need and growth of Toy Barn here in Phoenix, we are looking to share this concept with other communities across the country.”

The Toy Barn is managed by The Wesley Development Company LLC which is owned by father-son team Paul and Jason Phillips. Paul Phillips, the father, has over forty years of experience developing retail and commercial property while Jason, the son, has over ten years of experience in the real estate brokerage and development business. Together, since forming the company in 2003, they have developed and brokered millions of dollars of retail, mix-use, and commercial property in both Arizona and Ohio.


(Location: Scottsdale Airpark, Arizona)


The Toy Barn Car Club offers “Cars and Coffee” and “Car Show” events for CLUB members, family, friends, and guests a couple of times a month.  This is an opportunity to meet neighbors, relax with spirits, smoke a cigar, compare car makes and models, and share first car stories. (And as always, kids are more than welcome)

The events are all about the cars, the people, and the community. Whether you want to build your business network, meet new friends, or brag about your cool car collection, you will always enjoy the ride of sharing stories with other car enthusiasts and like-minded people.

Come join us! Have a complimentary cup of joe! (Remember: BYOB)

  • Every 3rd Saturday – 7-10 AM at Toy Barn Chandler Airpark
  • Grand Opening March 20, 2021
  • Every 4th Saturday – 7-10 AM at Toy Barn Lone Mountain

From Jason Phillips: “We’re hosting a community get-together for all club members, thier families, and you are more than welcome to cruise down in your favorte ride and meet some new friends.  We hope to see you there!”

The Garage, Layout & Buildout

If your planning on buying another car or just need more space, the Toy Barn is for you. Customize it and make it into whatever your want. The Toy Barn offers five different floorplans and additional resources for building out and customizing each unit.

The best-selling garage measures 24′ X 50′ with an 18″ ceiling and a private entrance. Most garage owners start out using the unit for storing 2 to 6 cars – with no build-out. But, after meeting the neighbors, and experiencing the community, they have the opportunity to see neighbors’ customized units and quickly start building out a dream man-cave.

Inside a 24′ X 50′ Customizable Car Garage

This is the best selling garage layout at the Toy Barn measuring 24′ X 50′ and 18″ ceilings. It can be customized and
typically stores 2 to 6 cars.

Typical garage customizations include epoxy floors, single and double car lifts, workbenches, tool cabinets, tree-fort type mezzanines for games rooms, pool tables, big-screen TVs, cigar-smoking lounge, personalized kitchens, and more. The only limit is your imagination.

The second most popular garage unit measures 24″ X  100″ and is large enough to store up to 10 cars or an RV (Recreational Vehicle). These units are twice the size of a single unit and can run long-wise at 24″ X  100″ or by removing the center wall measuring 48″ by 50″.

All of the garage units at the Toy Barn’s five locations are quality constructed with insulated walls and ceilings, climate-controlled HVAC (optional), pre-wired Cable and Internet, multiple 120V receptacles, and a  large 16′ X 14′ electric garage door.

The Toy Barn says: “Ownership of a luxury garage storage at Toy Barn means more than just a place to park your cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. It means knowing your precious cars and toys are safe whether you live in town — or commute from out of town.  The Toy Barn offers 24-hour surveillance, security services all in a private gated community with keypad access. This way you can be assured that your cars, tools and valuable possessions are always safe and secure.”

Standard Amenities

  • AC/Heat Climate Control Capable (with upgrade)
  • All Units Include Plumbing
  • Individual Electric Meters
  • 120-Volt Electrical Outlets
  • Outlets for 50 AMP
  •  LED Lighting
  • TV and Internet Ready
  • 16‘ X 14’ Electric Garage Door
  • 18’ Interior Ceiling Height
  • Additional Locking Side Door
  • Insulated Ceiling and Walls
  • 24/7 Gated Owner Access
  • Private Gated Community with Cameras
  • Luxurious Owners’ Clubhouse with Amenities
  • Common Guest and Members Restrooms
  • Members Quality Controlled CC&RS

Optional Amenities

  • Custom Epoxy Flooring
  • Heating and Cooling HVAC Systems
  • Custom Balcony or Mezzanine Installation
  • Wash Bathing and Bath Private Area
  • Individual Garage Security and Monitoring

Toy Barn Arizona Location:

  • The Toy Barn
    8585 E Hartford Dr #114, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
  • The Toy Barn – Cave Creek
    4150 E Peak View Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331
  • Toy Barn Luxury Garages – Lone Mountain
    4504 E Lone Mountain Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331
  • Toy Barn Luxury Garages- Scottsdale Airpark
    7800 E Greenway Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  • Toy Barn Luxury Garages – Lone Mountain North
    31606 N Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331

The Toy Barn History

Wesley Development Company LLC is a family-owned and operated Real Estate Development Company. Its principals include Paul Wesley Phillips and Jason Wesley Phillips, who also operate Phillips and Associates Realty Company LLC. The companies develop and market various types of real estate projects in Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona.

Paul Phillips has forty years of experience developing a wide variety of commercial, homebuilding, horizontal land development, mixed-use office, and retail projects.

Toy Barn Owners Jason and Paul Phillips

Toy Barn Owners Jason and Paul Phillips

His son, Jason boasts over ten years of experience in real estate brokerage and development, primarily in Phoenix, and has managed several successful ground-up development projects. Collectively, they have developed and brokered over several million dollars of real property assets since the company’s inception in 2003.

Wesley Development Company LLC was established to develop real estate with the entrepreneurial decision-making and hands-on approach necessary to achieve the highest investment performance under all market conditions. Wesley’s philosophy is to generate superior returns from property investments and developments by focusing on strong fundamentals, market inefficiencies, and risk management.

Address: 7800 E Greenway Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 419-0101

Other Toy Barn Locations:

  • The Toy Barn™ (Scottsdale, Arizona): Luxury Garage located in North Scottsdale, Arizona, this project is a luxury garage condominium development. It offers storage solutions to those in need of a place to store their most precious recreation possessions. Unlike traditional self-storage, The Toy Barn™ is a community of like-minded individuals who prefer to own their space rather than renting or leasing. And it is because of the ownership solution and a combination of luxury amenities that draws individuals to purchase garages. The Toy Barn project was initiated in 2010 and is fully operational.
  • NEC of Cave Creek and Rancho Paloma (Phoenix, Arizona): In 2012 Wesley purchased 20 acres of raw, unentitled land from Sterns Bank for $1.8M. The site, at the northeast corner of Cave Creek Road and Rancho Paloma, was then entitled and zoned for medium density residential use and sold to a local homebuilder for $6M in 2014.
  • SEC of Cave Creek and Peakview Roads (Phoenix, Arizona): Located at the southeast corner of Cave Creek and Peakview Roads, this 20-acre assemblage of the property was purchased from multiple sellers for $4M in 2013. The site was entitled and zoned for 71-lot housing development in 2014 and sold to a local homebuilder in 2015 for $6.3M.

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