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The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park (The FIRM)

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RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM provides world-class instruction for both the private sector as well as U.S. military branches. We offer one-to-one personalized high performance driving education with in-depth and fully immersive instruction on a wide range of performance driving techniques.

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park Florida Racing School, and often called “THE FIRM” for short, offers the most unique and diverse motorsport park in North America. The off road trails and race track will challenge even the most experienced drivers.

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The FIRM Performance Florida Based Driving School for Rally Racing, Rallycross, Road Racing, Off Road Racing

The FIRM’s RallyPro Performance driving instructors teach rally, off-road, ATV/UTV, HPDE driving, and survivability for military teams through its International Security Academy. The FIRM rents their tracks to race teams, hosts open track days and provides the perfect venue for corporate events!

The FIRM Instructors Have Decades of Racing Experience:

  • Rally Racing
  • Rallycross
  • Road Racing
  • Off-road Racing
  • Military Training in Mission-Critical Scenarios

Their diverse backgrounds and experience across multiple surfaces make them the most technically skilled drivers in the world! Customers from all over the world fly into The FIRM at Keystone Heights Airport to take advantage of the unique and comprehensive high performance driving instruction.

The FIRM’s performance driving school gives drivers access to over 420-acres of motorsports bliss and over 20-miles of unlimited course configurations. Since the racetrack is surrounded by grass pasture, if you go off track, you can learn life-saving techniques for how to steer back on the track without over-correcting. These are skills that can help you in everyday driving situations!

Rally Driving Instruction

RallyPro instruction will push the limits of your driving skills! Not only will you learn ultimate car control, at high speeds, but you will learn how to technically navigate across multiple surfaces!

RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM gives novices the confidence for ultimate car control and race drivers the competitive edge. This rally driving course offers one-to-one instruction, or you can add on up to (2) more drivers for only $500 per person!

Rally Driving Instruction

Private On-on-One or Group Rally Driving Instruction

RallyPro Performance Driving School offers personalized instruction, which means you get the benefit of more seat time. RallyPro courses also offer adaptive learning and immersive hands-on real-time training on the 420 acres of customizable course layouts, complete with 6 rally stages, and a 1.6-mile road course.

We also have a karting track, skids pads, and trails, and unlimited track configurations to pressure test all your skills. It’s fun. It’s technical. It will test your driving endurance!

Performance Road Racing Instruction

RallyPro Performance Florida Driving School at The FIRM offers the thrill of a lifetime. the road racing courses, on the 1.6-mile track, is a total rush!

Just imagine no traffic lights and no stop signs to hold you back! Since The FIRM is located on 420 acres, the track is surrounded by open fields. So if your tire goes off track, you will also learn how to correctly get back on track!

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Performance Driving, Competition, and Training at the Florida International Motorsport Park and Driving School

This means the track gives you everyday driver training experience. Most fatalities occur when a vehicle goes off the road, hits the loose surface, and then drivers attempt to overcorrect to get back on the paved road. Our highly trained RallyPro instructors at The FIRM, have the technical acumen to teach you how to get back on track safely!

RallyPro instructors have decades of track experience dedicated to helping you perfect your driving skills. RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM gives you access to one of the most diverse and challenging motorsports parks in North America. Sign up now to shave seconds off your lap time and improve your driving technique!

Extreme 4 x 4 Off-Road Instruction

Get dirty. Have fun. Climb hills. Get stuck. The RallyPro extreme 4×4 off-road driving courses at The FIRM are super fun!

The FIRM features an extreme 4×4 playground for every skill level. Get tipsy in the rock garden complete with uphill, downhill, and side tilt articulation obstacles. This course is designed to help you master vehicle control, and left foot braking, on uneven surfaces.

ATV and Off Road Track

Instruction for ATV and Off Road Track and Field Performance Racing

RallyPro Performance Driving School at The FIRM provides miles of diverse courses. The 420-acre campus provides a lot of terrains; sand, wooded trails, and wet marsh areas perfect for winching and recovery drills.

The RallyPro extreme 4×4 course curricula are designed to teach you vehicle capability, articulation, and proper techniques to maneuver and overcome off-road driving situations. Sign up if you are ready for an extreme adventure!

Diving School and Teen Safety Driving Instruction

The teen driving courses at The FIRM will provide your teen driver with the confidence to prepare for their learners permit and driver’s license.

We accept ages 14 to 19 in this 1-to-3 students per instructor ratio! In this course, your teen will get to experience different surfaces in a manual car so they can learn total car control.

We also teach, crisis aversion, defensive driving, and visual management, along with other driving techniques.

Teen Driving Car

Florida Driving School and Training for both teens and adults

In a group setting of their peers, RallyPro Performance Driving School will get your teen ready for everyday driving challenges! Sign up now and let your teen drive their way into driving success!

Teen Driving Course & School | What Students Will Learn

  • 2:1 Instruction | $600 per student
  • Increased Driver Confidence
  • Car Control | Vision Management
  • Weight Transfer Management
  • Manual Transmission Driving Skills
  • Experience Off-Road Correction
  • Navigate Obstacles | Emergency Stopping
  • Test and Refine Reflexes
  • Class held the last Sunday & Wednesday of every month.

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Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park History

People often wonder when they drive into The FIRM why the old planes and landing strips. That’s because The FIRM is located at Keystone Heights Airport Florida general aviation and public-use airport spanning 2,476 acres at an elevation of 196 feet (60 m) above mean sea level.

The Florida Based Airport is adjacent to Camp Blanding Joint Training Center and “Fly through History” Military Museum and Memorial Park. This museum at Camp Blanding is dedicated to the World War II units that trained here during the early 1940s.

The airport was commissioned in 1942 by the United States Army Air Forces. It was used as part of the Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics (AAFSAT) tactical combat simulation school in Central and Northern Florida.

In 1947 it was turned over to the City of Keystone Heights and is now home to Express Air (a fixed-wing flight training school), The Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park, RallyPro Performance Driving School, International Security Academy, Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum, Warbird Restoration Center, and three FAA certified airframe and power plant mechanics.


We are located in Starke, FL, approximately 1 hour South of Jacksonville, FL, 30 minutes East of Gainesville, FL, and a little over 2 hours North of Orlando, FL.

Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park
MON-FRI 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park

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