Roadhouse Motor Condos Community Opening 31 New Car Condos Near Rochester Minnesota

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Two local developers in the Rochester, Minnesota, area, Steve Penz and Al Ihde, are building a specialized community called  The Roadhouse Motor Condos Community, which are essential “car condos” in northeast Rochester, Minnesota. The Car Condos are built specifically for storing car collections, vehicles, and recreational vehicles.

“Roadhouse Motor Condos Community Opening 31 New Car Condos Near Rochester, Minnesota”

The new “car condos” are a place where car owners and car enthusiasts can store car collections and gather to share car experiences in the shared clubhouse.

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Penz and Ihde are building the first phase of the Roadhouse Motor Car Condos community, which is expected to be completed and available for sale this spring beginning in February.

VIDEO: Roadhouse Motor Condos Community

The complex will include 31 “car condos”, which are considered to be luxury garages for storing classic vehicles. Car garage spaces range in size from a smaller unit measuring 750 square feet to a larger unit measuring 1,600 square feet.

The Roadhouse Motors Condos are expected to be completed this spring, with presales beginning in February.

The car condo garages are built specifically for car storage and not to be used as personal residences. Each unit can be personalized to the buyer’s specifications, including custom floors, walls, and furniture.

Each car condo storage unit will be equipped with heating, plumbing, and security. systems Optional second-story lofts are available for personal entertainment and can include customizations. Car condo owners often customize the unit with custom flooring, bathrooms and showers, refrigerators and freezers, big-screen televisions, a pool table, and gaming equipment.

Starting prices for the car condo’ without any extras, are $179,000 for a 750-square foot garage unit and about $199,900 for a 1,100-square-foot garage unit. The larger units cost about $279,900 and include 1,600 square feet of garage space.

an inside look into a car condo garage unit

The RoadHouse Motor Condos is a new and exciting car condo club and car storage facility in Rochester, Minnesota. The car condos include a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices and the owners can custom design their garage however they like. Typical units can comfortability store anywhere from one to six collectible cars.

The Car Condos’ are owned, and not rented. They are a real estate investment similar to purchasing a house, with tax advantages and all.

The two main garage buildings are under construction, and the next phase will include a large pavilion where car condo owners can meet, party, and share car experiences.

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