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The MSR Houston Race Track & Car Club Is Rapidly Expanding With New Car Condos And Motorsport  Experiences

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(Updated October 11, 2021) If you’ve never driven on a professionally designed track then the MSR Houston Racetrack is a perfect place to start. MSR Houston is now offering knowledgeable and professional driving instructors who will teach you all the skills necessary to control your car on a professional design race track and road course.

If you’ve driven for years, this is the perfect way to fine-tune your racecraft. Our instructors will work with you to determine your goals and customize your session(s) to meet your needs.

Ford Racing

If you choose, you will also be eligible to get an official SCCA Full Competition License upon completing the three-day driving instruction school. This allows you to immediately race cars with the SCCA License anywhere in the country.

Cars on the MSR Racetrack

Be Eligible To Get An Official SCCA Full Competition License Upon Completing The Three-day Driving School.

The full license course takes only three days to complete! On day one instructor will teach you how to focus on car-control skills. On day two you will learn the challenging circuit roadmap, turns, banks, and straight-aways. On the third and final day, you are put to the test on the track with competitive driving challenges.

For More Details Visit The MSR Website Here.

Have you ever wanted to drive a car with no speed limits – well, this is the place for you!


The MSR Houston Raceway will spoil you with professional race tracks, paddock facilities, car garage storage, regularly scheduled races, driver training, karting tracks, all of 383 acres of land. It is located just 35 minutes outside of Houston and is considered one of the fastest tracks in the United States.

Club House & Facility Overview

  • MSR Houston sits on 383 acres of land, including the road course, karting track, and 180,000 square feet of paddock space.
  • There are 3,000 square feet of classroom, hospitality, and meeting areas, as well as a 1,000 square foot registration space.
  • Two towers are located trackside for timing and scoring and race control.
  • There are over 75,000 square feet of private garages and a fuel station with credit card access.
  • Paddock space includes a 216’ by 50’ awning and the 90,000 square foot skid-pad.

With its 17 turns, the 2.38-mile (3.83-kilometer) 40-foot (12.2 meters) wide track combines a balance of slow, medium, and high-speed corners. In addition, the track is configured to run both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Safety is our number one priority, and the course features paved runoff areas in all critical braking and exit zones.

Race control has views of the entire track, along with a closed-circuit camera system with views of each corner. MSR is an FIA-approved track and sanctioned for testing by the Indycar Series and IMSA.

Rare Ford Ferrari GT40

Rare Ford Ferrari GT40

Villas and Condos Overview

The Villas at MSR Houston are a dream come true for racetrack living. They are to be built right on or around the racing property, some with overviews of the track. They are a home away from home.

The new villas are part of a new development that includes 800 new luxury car storage garages, 10 auto showrooms, and 245 single-family lots, condos, and villas.

Inside Luxury Villa Car Storage Suite

 MSR Houston Villa Inside View

Available for Presale is the new Villas with a breathtaking view of the race track.

For more information on these Villas, please visit: MSR Villas Information

Garage and Storage – Overview

The MSR Houston racetrack and facilities include over 75,000 square feet of private garages, a 90,000 sq. ft. skid pad, and 216’ by 50’ of Paddock space. It also includes a karting track and road course.

Exclusive Tour

Additional condos, villas, and private garages are currently under development for the 2021 new development project. Some examples of private car garages are listed below.

  • Single garage (585 sq ft)
  • Double garage (1,170 sq ft)
  • Other (Multiples Avail Upon Request)

Want a new car storage warehouse for all your cars. MSR Houston is now taking new orders for multiple locations for custom garages, custom villas, and custom condos. “If you can dream it, they will build it.

Inside Garage MRS Houston Garage Storage

Custom Condo with Garage Storage for Car Collection

Race Track Overview

View of the race track from a plane

MSR Houston Race Track Aerial View

Facility Overview – Karting Track

If you have ever wanted to drive with no speed limits – This is the place for you!

MSR Houston’s Karting Track is 0.7 miles (1.2 kilometers) long, 26 feet (8 meters) wide with 17 turns. It is configured to run both clockwise and counter-clockwise. In addition, the track can be split to run two independent 0.375-mile (0.6-kilometer) loops. It features a progressively banked NASCAR-style corner, a 0.25-mile (0.4-kilometer) straightaway with a high-speed chicane and CIK recommended runoff areas. There is a 6,600 square foot kart building with 1,800 square feet of hospitality area.

MSR will become the ultimate community for motor enthusiasts over the next few years.

MSR is a dream for motorists of all types. The track welcomes amateurs who race for fun, professionals who use the track for training, collectors who like a place to show off their cars, and families that can use the facilities to practice and play together.

The development includes 800 luxury garages, 10 showrooms, and 245 single-family lots.

Motor Speedway Resort (MSR), the 383-acre private racetrack for motor enthusiasts.

Escape the city and venture onto roads less traveled for an experience like no other. Roughly 40 mins outside of downtown Houston, TX, lies Motorsports Ranch Houston, a complete facility for racing enthusiasts. Wrangle yourself a seat in your favorite exotic cars for an experience that’s like no other.

Opened in December 2005, the facility is located 35 miles south of Downtown Houston. They are a membership facility for auto and racing enthusiasts, open 363 days a year. In addition, they have hosted teams from various professional series.

side view of porche race car

Porsche Race Car on Track

Track Rental

In addition to full-day track rentals, MSR Houston also offers half-day rentals Monday through Thursday. With seasoned rentals, the renter has exclusive use of the track with one time certain 30-minute session every hour. The other half-hour will be used at the discretion of MSR Houston. Half days of exclusive use are also available either 9-1 pm or 1-5 pm.

May can rent the entire facility or individual elements on a daily basis. Exclusive use of the autocross/skid pad, paddock, and meeting spaces may be included with the rental of the 2.38-mile road course upon request. Use of the facility beyond normal operating hours is available.

When renting all or part of MSR Houston, we require that an ALS EMS truck is on-premises during any driving activities plus $5MM in general liability coverage and $15K in AD&D. Renters that do not already have a policy that meets MSR Houston’s requirements may purchase a rider on MSR Houston’s policy.

Drones are not allowed on property unless covered by a commercial policy equal to our general policy, and it must include all property and events connected with the event. The event organizer must provide a valid FAA license and a Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming MSR International with aircraft inclusion.

Racecourse fees:

  • Weekday (M – Th), Full Day $6,900
  • Weekend (F – Su), Full Day $8,500
  • Weekday, Session, or Half Day $4,450
  • Karting track fees: Weekday (M – Th), Full Day $4,700
  • Weekend (F – Su), Full Day $5,700


  • Ambulance: $120 per hour (9-5pm) / $140 per hour (after 5pm)
  • Fire/Rescue: $450 per day includes two certified firefighters with extraction tools.
  • Wrecker: $450 per day (hook with boom or roll-back)
  • Corner Workers: $125 per worker per day
  • Security/Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officer: $42 per hour
  • Gate Person: $15 per hour

Private Driving Instruction

Do you have Military, Veteran, Law Enforcement?
We offer a 10% discount for veterans, military, law enforcement, and first responders for instruction. Discount is applied on-site at the track and requires a Uniformed Services ID and/or badge.

Race Shop

MSR Houston‘s Race Shop offers a variety of services for its members and guests. Our race technicians are proficient in both street and race vehicles and are not limited to cars. Previous experience includes: rotary engine builds, piston/engine modifications, transmission/differential rebuilds, basic fabrication, and more.

Our services include:

  • Tire Mounting & Balancing
  • Track Day Safety Inspection
  • Suspension Setup & Conversion
  • Pre- & Post-Race Car Maintenance
  • Dyno Services
  • NASA Dyno Certification
  • Baseline Pulls
  • Dyno-Tuning
  • We offer dyno-tuning for the following stand-alone engine management systems:
  • KTuner – Honda/Acura
  • Electromotive – All systems
  • AEM – All systems
  • Haltech – All systems
  • MegaSquirt – All systems

Shop Rates:

  • $120hr (non-members)
  • $100hr (members)

If you’ve never driven on a track, this is the perfect place to begin. MSR Houston’s knowledgeable instructors will teach you the fundamentals of car control and vehicle dynamics, allowing you to get the most out of your car on our road course.

If you’ve driven for years, this is the perfect way to fine-tune your race craft. Our instructors will work with you to determine your goals and custom tailor your session(s) to meet your needs.

  • $500 Half-Day
  • $750 2 Half-Days

Driving Instruction – Overview

Have a private event coming up?

Karting Events at MSR Houston are the perfect way for your organization to engage in the friendly wheel-to-wheel competition.

Whether your organization is searching for an internal team-building event or a client-focused event, karting provides your organization with a very budget-friendly vehicle to engage large groups.

The high-performance karts are capable of speeds reaching up to 45 mph and can be designed to last anywhere from two hours to all day.

Additionally, the intensity of the event is flexible as well. Some clients choose low-key lapping events, while others prefer structured events built around collaboration and competition. The electronic timing system allows for accurate lap times and race results.


MSR Houston Membership – Overview

New Main Entrance

New Main Entrance to Club Facilities


Dues & Fees

Do you have that need for speed? Become a member of the premier road course of Texas.
With its 17-turns, you always find MSR Houston‘s 2.38-mile road course entertaining and exciting. We offer garages for our members that range in size from a single-car spot to private custom-built buildings. Custom family, corporate, or race team memberships are available.


Ready to Become a Member?

  • For a limited time only, receive 40% off your initiation fee!
  • $3000 Initiation Fee*
  • $275 Monthly Dues*
  • $150 Daily Guest Driver*
  • * Available until 12/31/2020. Prices are shown without tax.
  • Guest Policy

Become an MSR Houston Member

A member guest driving fee is $150.

Guests will be limited to four driving visits per calendar year at the member guest rate.

All guests must sign in at the office, present identification, and complete a brief guest policy form.

Additionally, driving guests must be accompanied by a member on their visit to receive the guest rate


Address and Contact Information

MSR Houston
1 Performance Drive
Angleton, TX 77515

281 369 0677 | Main Office
281 595 3305 | Karting

Contact Person: Kurt Hueni
Phone: 832-472-3510 |
eMail: [email protected]

Map of MSR Location

Map of MSR Location

We are a road course and karting facility located 35 miles south of Downtown Houston off Highway 288.

While road course access is primarily for our members, we have access to track-car rental partners that give you the opportunity to drive.

FAQs  –  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the facility open to the public?
    Yes, everyone entering the facility must sign a waiver upon arrival. If there is no one at the guard shack, please come into the main office, located at the west end of the facility, as you come in the gate.
  2. Does the track sell fuel?
    MSR Houston sells three types of non-ethanol fuels: 93 unleaded, 100 unleaded, and 110 leaded.
  3. Can I camp at MSR Houston?
    Overnight camping is permitted during certain events. We do not have RV hookups. There are men’s and women’s showers and bathrooms located on the west side of Garage 1. Please check the calendar or call the office at 281-369-0677 for accessibility or questions.
  4. Can I ship a package to MSR Houston?
    All packages will be delivered to the main office. Please address all packages to:
  6. Does MSR Houston offer military/veteran discounts?
    Yes! We offer a 10% discount for veterans, military, law enforcement, and first responders for karting, instruction, and on Lotus Experiences. Discount is applied on-site at the track and requires a Uniformed Services ID and/or badge.
  7. Can I bring a golf cart or ATV? What about bicycles?
    Any motorized vehicle must be operated by someone with a valid drivers’ license. Kids are allowed on bikes, but not on big event weekends.
  8. What if it rains?
    Many of our events happen rain or shine. Call the office with any questions.
  9. Does the track have food?
    During big event weekends, there are usually food vendors on-site. You are allowed to bring your own food and beverages. Alcohol is not allowed at the facility, while any track (road course or karting track) is green. There are snack and drink vending machines located at the Karting Track.
  10. Can I bring my dog?
    Pets on leashes are allowed at MSR Houston.
  11. Is there an ATM at the facility?
    Currently, we do not have one.
  12. Are drones allowed at the facility?
    Drones are not allowed on property unless covered by a commercial policy equal to our general policy, and it must include all property and events connected with the event. The event organizer must provide a valid FAA license and a Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming MSR International with aircraft inclusion.



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