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John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams Private Museum and Car Collection

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John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams Museum

The Spectacular Collection of John Staluppi

John Staluppi, a Brooklyn native, began his car passion in the “big-is-better” ’50s and ’60s. At age 16 he bought his first car: a 1962 black-on-black Corvette, optioned with the 340-horsepower 327-cubic-inch V-8 and a 4-speed transmission.

Cars in Museum Museum

After he reluctantly sold the Vette, he was able to find, re-purchase, and restore it years later. “It is the focal point of his collection today, his favorite car and one of three he won’t sell,” Bennett explains. “This is actually the third time he’s completely sold his collection. After this, he’ll start again with new goals in mind.

In addition to collecting cars, John meticulously builds mega-yachts for personal use which he names after James Bond movies, such as his most recent award-winning “Spectre.”

Staluppi enthusiastically collects across marque and model and particularly loves convertibles and ’50s cars. A magnificent 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible, for example, has been restored in Matador Red with a two-tone red and white interior.

The 322-CID Nailhead V-8 connects to a Twin Turbine Dynaflow automatic transmission. The well-optioned classic includes power steering, power brakes, power windows, and power top, a 12-volt electrical system, continental kit, chrome spoke wheels and whitewall tires.

From 1955 is a Cadillac Eldorado, the third year these marque flagships were made; it has the 331-CID V-8, automatic transmission, power steering, brakes, seats, and windows. Liveried blue with matching blue inside, it’s one of 3,950 Eldo top-downs produced that year.

How Much Is John Staluppi Car Collection Worth?

John Staluppie sold his last car collection at the Barrett-Jackson’s annual Palm Beach car auction for $13.96 million. John Staluppie’s car collection is estimated to be worth over $15 million and resides in Palm Beach County. John Staluppie has an estimated net worth of over $500 million dollars. You can view John Staluppie’s current car collection at his Car of Dreams website.

About the Cars of Dreams Museum
The John Staluppie Car of Dreams Car Collection and Museum is located at Village Shoppes  on 133 U.S. Highway One, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408

It was quite a payday for John Staluppi as he cashed out of his 145-car collection, housed in Palm Beach, Florida. The cars were part of Staluppi’s “Cars of Dreams” museum, which went under the auction gavel this past weekend at Barrett-Jackson’s annual Palm Beach sale, returning $13.96 million, an average of $96,276 per car.

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Video: John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams Museum

John Staluppi’s has one of the largest private classic car collections in Palm Beach County, Florida. The museum’s Coney Island theme features much of the memorabilia that is reminiscent of the iconic amusement park.

The design features bumper cars, a beachfront boardwalk with a Carvel ice-cream store, Nathan’s restaurant, hand-painted murals of the Parachute Jump, and the world-famous Cyclone rollercoaster. For a full description with a video and photo gallery, please view About the New Cars of Dreams Museum.

“John’s collection of vehicles and his museum are just remarkable,” Bennett says.

List Of Past Charity Events

  • March 2019 – Cars of Dreams Hospice Benefit Car Show
  • April 2018 – Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction of Cars of Dreams Collection
  • March 2018 – 9th Annual South East Rods and Customs Hospice Benefit Open Car Show
  • March 2017 – 8th Annual South East Rods and Customs Hospice Benefit Open Car Show
  • November 2016 – Honda Classic Cares Evening of Rock and Roll
  • November 2015 – 11th Annual Classic Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show To Benefit “Shop With A Cop”
  • Flashback Friday – Coalition for the Homeless Charity Event
  • Annual Classic Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show To Benefit “Shop With A Cop”

Latest News:

February 13, 2018
Posted by Barrett-Jackson

“An exciting headliner at the 2018 Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction, April 12-15 at the South Florida Fairgrounds, will be 140-plus remarkable vehicles from the collection of businessman and philanthropist John Staluppi.”

“Staluppi, also known for his empire of auto dealerships and collection of superyachts, has been a car collector for decades. The selection of vehicles headed to the Palm Beach Auction – currently housed in Staluppi’s North Palm Beach Cars of Dreams Museum – represent nearly a century of American automotive design. The diverse group, all of which will be selling at No Reserve, are predominantly convertibles from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, along with custom vehicles and Resto-Mods.”

John Staluppi Background

Born in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York John Staluppi started his life from humble beginnings. His father, Francis, was a hard-working electrician who worked two jobs to make ends meet and his mother Millie was a homemaker.

It was the 1950’s the golden years of the American automobile. There would never be another era like it and John Staluppi was fortunate enough to have witnessed the innovation, imagination, and vision in the automotive industry.

Even though his father encouraged him to become an electrician, John was already bitten by the car bug. His father did, however, teach John the value of quality, hard work, family, and friends. John went for the American dream and had the courage to do what he really loved – to be a part of the automotive industry in America.

He was rebellious and had a run-in with the law in his youth, but was able to move forward in a constructive manner. He started out as a 16 year old mechanic.

John was motivated and talented and soon became an expert in cars. It was at this time that his dad recognized John’s exceptional drive and decided to help. His father took out a loan so his son could run a Sunoco station. John Staluppi was incredibly grateful to his father for his support and guidance during that time.

Through creative marketing, John was able to make this and other gas stations a success. With these successes and practical experiences, he was able to take a risk on a venture called Honda – an unknown name at the time. John Staluppi was, however, able to see its potential. Within a decade of hard work he owned close to 20 dealerships and the Honda name took off.

His commitment to Honda made him an integral part in shaping the automotive industry. Next was Hyundai, another solid success. The Hyundai investment proved his solid business philosophy – which is to stay with quality franchises, focus on a particular market and try to get the best people.

Through all successes, he always made sure he put people first. John is proud of the fact that there is a sign in all his dealerships that reads “Every visitor to our dealership is an honored guest in our home, every day, every time, without fail, no exceptions”.

John Staluppi also expanded his interest into the yachting industry, since he had always enjoyed boating and sportfishing in the 70’s and 80’s on Long Island. John Staluppi had the motivation and character to succeed at anything he put his mind to. So he created magnificent Super Yachts, that surpassed any other line in creativity, beauty, and speed.

However, John Staluppi ‘s successes were never just for him. He vowed that if ever really made it – he would help those less fortunate. He grew up with an intimate knowledge of people who have a tough life – and now he feels an obligation to help needy people have an easier life in some way.

The list of charities and fundraisers that John is involved with is long. National Kidney Registry, to Make a Wish Foundation, John Staluppi says that each charity event keeps him down to earth. When a child hugs him for granting his wish (Make a Wish Foundation) or when he can provide state-of-the-art wheelchairs for spinal cord injury victims (Darrell Gwynn Foundation) – John Staluppi says “ I hope this is my legacy.”

John Staluppie’s Full List of Cars at Museum

  • AMX1970 AMC
  • Aston Martin 2008Vantage Convertible
  • Cadillac – 1948 Custom Topless Roadster
  • Cadillac – 1954 Series 62 Convertible
  • Cadillac – 1958 Eldorado Biarritz Convertible
  • Cadillac – 1976 Eldorado Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1951 Pickup
  • Chevrolet – 1955 Bel Air
  • Chevrolet – 1955 Bel Air Resto Mod
  • Chevrolet – 1956 Corvette Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1957 150 2-Door Post
  • Chevrolet – 1957 210 2-Door Post
  • Chevrolet – 1957 Bel Air Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1958 3100 Custom Pickup
  • Chevrolet – 1958 Corvette Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1959 Impala Custom Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1961 Corvette Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1961 Park Wood Wagon
  • Chevrolet – 1962 Corvette Custom Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1962 Corvette Custom Roadster
  • Chevrolet – 1963 Corvette Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1963 Corvette Custom Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1965 C10 Pickup
  • Chevrolet – 1965 Impala SS Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1966 Corvette Coupe
  • Chevrolet – 1967 K20 Pickup
  • Chevrolet – 1968 Camaro Custom Coupe Resto-Mod
  • Chevrolet – 1968 Corvette L 88
  • Chevrolet – 1968 Corvette T-Top
  • Chevrolet – 1969 Camaro RS/SS Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1969 Camaro Z28
  • Chevrolet – 1972 Corvette 454/270 Convertible
  • Chevrolet – 1975 Corvette T-Top Coupe
  • Chevrolet – 2003 Corvette 50th Anniversary
  • Chevrolet – 2007 Assembled Camaro Resto Mod
  • Chevrolet – 2013 Camaro ZL1
  • Chevrolet – 2018 Corvette Carbon 65 Edition
  • Chrysler – 1956 New Yorker Convertible
  • Chrysler – 1957 300C Convertible
  • Chrysler – 1958 300D Convertible
  • Chrysler – 1963 300 Official Pace Car
  • Chrysler – 1963 Crown Imperial
  • Chrysler – 1963 Crown Imperial Convertible
  • Corvair – 1966 Monza Convertible
  • Datsun – 1968 1600 Roadster
  • De Soto – 1959 Firesweep Convertible
  • Dodge – 1958 Custom Royal Super D-500 Convertible
  • Dodge – 1971 Challenger
  • Dodge – 1972 Dart Custom Demon
  • Dodge – 2018 Demon
    Edsel – 1960 Ranger Convertible
  • Ford – 1925 Model T Custom Candy Truck
  • Ford – 1929 Model AA Chicago Police Paddy Wagon
  • Ford – 1933 Pickup
  • Ford – 1955 Sunliner Convertible
  • Ford – 1956 Thunderbird
  • Ford – 1957 Fairlane Sunliner Convertible
  • Ford – 1957 Thunderbird Convertible
  • Ford – 1965 Thunderbird
  • Ford – 1978 Bronco XLT Ranger 4X4
  • Ford – 2015 Mustang Custom Convertible
  • GMC – 1972 Jimmy Custom 4X4
  • Hudson – 1951 Custom Hornet
  • Indian – 1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle
  • Indian – 1947 Indian Chief Motorcycle
  • Indian – 1956 Indian Chief Motorcycle
  • Kaiser – 1954 Special Club Sedan
  • Lexus – 2012 LFA Nürburgring Edition
  • Lincoln – 1966 Continental 4-Door Convertible
  • Mercedes-Benz – 1959 190SL Convertible
  • Motorcycle – 2011 Custom Chopper
  • Mustang – 2012 Boss 302
  • Oldsmobile – 1950 Oldsmobile 98
  • Oldsmobile – 1957 98 Starfire Convertible
  • Oldsmobile – 1958 Super 88 Convertible
  • Oldsmobile – 1967 442 Convertible
  • Oldsmobile – 1968 Toronado 455CI
  • Plymouth – 1961 Fury Convertible
  • Pontiac – 1958 Bonneville Convertible
  • Pontiac – 1965 GTO Convertible
  • Pontiac – 1966 GTO Convertible
  • Toyota – 2020 Supra Prototype
  • Volkswagen 21 – 1965 – Window Deluxe Microbus

Cars of Dreams Museum is not open to the public. The Museum is only open for select charity events.

Cars of Dreams Museum – 133 U.S. Highway One, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408
(The South West Corner of U.S. Highway One and Northlake Boulevard)
Village Shoppes
33 U.S. Highway One, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408

(561) 844-4198

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Bonus Video of John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams Private Museum