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Private Car Storage Community “Island Storage Suites” Is A Big Hit in Fort Myers, Florida

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Island Storage Suites, located in Fort Meyer Florida, and developed by Scott Allen of Allan Development, is one of the fastest-growing private garage storage and car communities in the state of Florida, and in less than three years, has successfully built a three-phase private car community, totaling 68 private storage units, and now, has only had a handful left.

The private community is more than just a car storage facility, it is a large car community filled with car enthusiasts that share car stories and car experiences while celebrating regularly scheduled events such as private events, car shows, parties, and barbecues.

The private garage units are often referred to as ‘car condos”. Car Condos are purpose-built self-contained garage storage units that typically range from 1,250 to 3,000 square sq. ft. that are built in a private gated community and offer both storage and living space. Each unit is owned as a real estate investment rather than rented like a public storage facility. Units are priced based on size and buildout customizations. Typical prices per unit and Island Storage Suties range from $199,000 to just over $300,000.

68 Private Storage Unit

68 Private Storage Units at the Island Storage Garage Suites in Fort Myers Florida

Each unit can store 2-8 cars and can be built-out and designed to feature an interior that best represents the owner’s personality. Some of the more popular build-outs include professional car lifts, car restoration equipment, detailing equipment, and performance and service tools. More on the fun friends and family side, the private garage units include hobby rooms, pool tables, game simulators, cigar rooms, band platforms, and so on…. The private garages are most often used for personal hobbies, entertaining, and socializing with other car enthusiasts.

Below are images from The Island Storage Suites in Fort Meyers showing private car storage garages, custom car garage buildouts, several parties, and car community events with members.

Island Storage Suites Details and Specifications (below): 

Custom Design Your Own Garage:
At Island Storage Suites every garage occupant is 100% owner of their own car storage garage. Each owner has the option to build out and customize the entire unit to their own preference. Some owners disign a car theme, while others create entertainment filled with pool tables, video games, and giant TV’s.

The Island Storage Suites facility provides shared service and amenities that are free for all car club members to use including the following:

Included Shared Amenities:

  • High-pressure car wash bay
  • Commercial-grade vacuum systems
  • Boat water flush/brown outlets
  • 24 hour security with cameras
  • Keyless gated security
  • Members washrooms and restrooms

All garage condo storage units are equipped with the following general specification and amenities:

  • Hurricane safe steel buildings
  • 20 foot ceilings
  • R-13 wall insulation, R-19 roof insulation
  • Large 16′ x 16′ heavy duty insulated garage doors with windows
  • Automatic electric garage door opener
  • Wireless WiFi and internet
  • Cable TV ready
  • A/C system s with 20-50 SEER rating
  • Keyless entry
  • Plumbing oulets for optional restroom
  • Custom mezzanine optional
  • Full 240 V electric with 125 AMPs
  • Built-in fire sprinkles
  • Backup electrical generator optional

Island car storage suites offers services the greater South West Florida region including Naples,FL, Fort Meyers,Fl and Tamp Florida.

Over the last 5 years, the Allan Development compant has rapidly grown to be one of Lee County’s leading real estate developers. Their hand on expertise is called ground-up development and includes project consulting, and both residential
and industrial construction and development.

About Island Storage Suites in Ft Meyers

Island Storage Suites is a climate-controlled vehicle self-storage condominium complex. Island Storage Suites is a Three-Phase multi car storage facility including 4 buildings with a total of 62 individually owned units. Sometimes called “The Mancaves”, it is a community of like-minded car enthusiasts who own prized possession such as car collections who want build the ultimate Mancave experience – away from the home. Island Storage Mancave Suites are widely recognized by its members as an “exclusive club” that offers a unique car themed social experience among members, friends and families.

About Allan Development Group & MCS One, LLC

Scott Allan

Scott Allan President of Allan Development Group and Managing Member of Island Storage Suites

MCS One, LLC is the entity of ownership and the developer of Island Storage Suites. MCS One, LLC is solely owned and funded by Allan Development Group, a company owned by local developer Scott Allan who operates as Managing Member. Scott Allan, President of Allan Development Group is a niche-based developer who specializes in unique and high-quality real estate development in South Fort Myers. Allan Development has invested nearly $40 million in new projects since 2015. Island Storage Suites was merely a pipe dream conversation between Scott and other high net worth residents of the community where the conversation began as a small-scale project with 8-10 mancaves or “car condos”. Using the ultimate vision and his knowledge of the real estate market, local economics and the construction industry, Scott turned this vision into a dream, which ultimately became a reality. Today, Island Storage Suites is recognized as one of the fastest-selling concepts in Lee County, including developments in the residential sector.

For more information on Island Storage Suites, please contact Scott Allan at (239) 872-5107; or visit


Island Storage Suites
10950 Old South Way
Fort Myers, Florida 33908
(239) 872-5107


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