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INDE Motor Sports Car Club Is More Than a Country Club Racing Enthusiasts

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INDE Motorsports Ranch and road course is a premier car racing club and has been a staple among motorsports enthusiasts across North America for a decade.

The INDE Arizona Motorsports Park is a 2.75-mile road course that sits in Willcox Arizona, a community of 3,500 about 20 miles west of Phoenix Arizona. The club has 200-plus members that have exclusive access to private garages, private casitas (Spanish for ”Bunlaow”) for overnight stays, and a race track that offers 40 different SCCA approved professional track configurations. All this while boasting one of the greatest scenic backdrops in Arizona.

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The racing country club serves as an escape for people across the United States, ranging from doctors, dentists, and everyone in between looking to test their driving skills or relieve the stresses of everyday life. The club delivers an intimate and exclusive experience to a true professional open road race track.


INDE Racetrack doubles and an airplane landing strip

The property began as an actual ranch owned by dealership millionaire and business titan Tex Earnhardt. After years of negotiation, the ranch was purchased by CJ Dorland and transformed into one of the most desirable destinations in the country for motorsports racing and car enthusiasts.

As the club celebrates its 10th anniversary, it is receiving a major renovation and facelift to include resurfacing of the track and adding new experiential events and activities. CJ Dorland, now serving as president of the club, as said in an interview:

“To have 11 years on the existing asphalt is pretty good, but the time’s come to resurface it and I think that’s going to take us to a new era,” CJ Dorland told Cronkite News. “It’s going to be a race quality surface. I think you’re going to see faster lap times, for sure, and then we’re also changing up the curbing a little bit – adding some in different areas and taking away from other areas. It’s going to be less abrasive on your tires, for sure. It’s going to be a game-changer. It’s going to be a different track, but it’s going to have the same characteristics that everybody loves.”

INDE’s ranch chief racing instructor Nick Auito said “even the longtime members will have to learn the track all over again following the resurfacing.” “There’s going to be a large curve and a big change,” Auito said. “Literally the exact same track that they’re used to running is going to look and feel completely different. I can’t stress that enough.”

Auito added that “he is actually going to have to go out and re-learn the track and make new notes, make changes to the way we approach that racing surface and then hopefully take that back to my members before there’s a chance they get in trouble or just give them that opportunity to be faster.”

As a premier track, the INDE Motorsports Ranch plays host to many different types of racing ranging from hotrods, supercars, motorcycles, streetcars, and SCCA  hosted events.

In addition to the restoration, ten fully customizable car condos are being added that includes a second floor to accommodate overnight stays. Below is a list of private car garages where members can tinker and service their cars. Currently, there are 10 car condos with garages that have been occupied for the last six years. The remaining are currently construction and are expected to sell fast.

Photo of INDE Motorsport Ranch Racetrack

INDE Motorsport Ranch At Night – (Photo Courtesy Of INDE Motorsport Ranch)

A five-acre skid pad has since been converted into a half-mile go-karting track. Dorland saw this as an opportunity to add excitement for members and their kids.

One of the Ranch’s key draws is its member-acclaimed driver development program and the experience it provides.

“It’s called the motorsports ranch oasis, and it truly is that,” Mark Laniak, a member for five years, said. “Being a member at the Motorsport Ranch – is like an entire bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows without the bland cereal. The staff is amazing. Every time I’ve brought a guest out there, they’ve treated them like royalty.”

Laniak, a New York native and motorcycle member, spent multiple months out at the ranch when the COVID-19 shutdowns began. The extended stay also gave him an extra push to buy his first car to try out on the resurfaced track.

“I feel incredibly blessed that when the rest of the world was going through what it was, that I was able to spend those three months at the ranch safely,” Laniak said. “Out there it’s more than just the track; it’s the facilities, it’s the ability to hike up the top of the hill and look over the track and have one of the most amazing views in Arizona.”

Dorland and INDE ranch staff are planning a grand renovation opening to celebrate the resurfacing and the track’s 10th anniversary.

Map of INDE Motorsports Ranch Race Track

The INDE Racetrack is an SCCA nationally approved 2.75-mile track with over 200’ of elevation changes, off-camber turns, blind apexes, hairpins, sweepers,  a large skidpad, paddock & hot pit access and over a mile of straight track peddle to the meddle raceway.

Map of INDE Motorsports Ranch Racetrack

Map of INDE Motorsports Ranch Racetrack – the above track is a SCCA nationally certified 2.75-mile track with over 200’ of elevation changes, off-camber turns, blind apexes, hairpins, sweepers,  a large skidpad, paddock & hot pit access, and over a mile of straight track peddle to the meddle raceway.


  • 2.75-Mile Road Course
  • Fly-In & Test
  • Over 200’ of Elevation Changes
  • 2,200’ Main Straight
  • SCCA Nationally Certified Track
  • Ability to Run Two Tracks Simultaneously
  • Over 40 Unique Configurations
  • Off-Camber Turns, Blind Apexes, Hairpins, Sweepers
  • Over a Mile of Straights
  • Ample Run-Off Areas
  • State of the Art Wireless Lighting System
  • Large Skid Pad, Paddock & Hot Pit Access
  • AMB Timing Loop
  • 5-Acre Performance Skid & Drift Pad


Bonus Video: Take a few wild laps with Kai Goddard around Inde Motorsports Ranch including a map.

Take a few wild laps with Kai Goddard around #indemotorsports Configuration 5 in a Forman MotorWorks Spec Race Atom. Thank you GoFaster Motorsports for a great day, we wish you the best of luck in the upcoming IMR Challenge Series! (Maps of the race track below)

Latest News:


Cutting-Edge Track Technology to Enhance the Map the Ultimate Motorsports Experience

Willcox, Arizona – Inde Motorsports Ranch, a private, members-only club in Arizona built for true motorsports enthusiasts, announces a complete track resurfacing project to be finished in October 2020. The team at Inde is partnering with Sunland Asphalt & Construction Inc. (Sunland) to employ the latest in racetrack technology. The new track is expected to produce a high-quality, professional grade race surface. (Read complete article)

Details of the Inde Motorsport Rach Race Track Resouces

 Inde Motorsports Ranch race track Map

This is a complete map of the Inde Motorsports Ranch race track.

For more Inde Motorsport Ranch Race Track map layouts and design configuration, including clockwise and counter clockwise (click here).


  • Full Course – 2.75-Mile Configuration
  • South Course – 1.5-Mile Configuration
  • North Course – 1.1-Mile Configuration


  • 2.75 MILES – 21 TURNS

INDE Motorsports Ranch Motorcycle Track Days

We invite you to join us to ride your Motorcycle on specific track days all year long.  Please call us for our motorcycle track schedule. You can take your motorcycle experience to the next level at any time. Plus you can enjoy many of the club’s privileges of membership when you join. Please call us anytime at (877) 545-3874.

INDE Driver Instruction & Training

The INDE Racetrack professional drivers offer a variety of proven coaching programs, as well as tailored 1-on-1 instruction that teaches members to become better, faster, safer drivers.

INDE offers an IMR Challenge Series and SCCA, NASA, and IMSA certified race cars and racing training and skill. All member series run from September through April each season.

What Be Become A Better Car Car Driver?

INDE offers a host of Intermediate and advanced driving training courses from a professional race car driver.  With private one-on-one track training, you will quickly become the AJ Foyt of your friends and family. INDE offers the following services to all members.

  • Private Track Coaching Daily Rates
  • Private Track and Driving Coaching Packages
  • Intermediate and Advanced Road Skills Racing Classes
  • Specific Street Car Coaching with a Clinic
  • IMRCS Competition Race Track School
  • On-Road Drift School and Training
  • Teen Defensive Driving Classes
  • Karting Driving and Tack Classes and Development
  • Family and Group Coaching
  • Also Available is Non-Member Coaching Rates

Automobile Manufacturer Vehicle Testing

INDE Motorsports is the ideal venue for car manufacturers testing and developing their next generation of vehicles. They offer a private discreet setting on a multi-facet 2.75-mile road course, a 5-acre performance skid & drift pad, and a track that allows manufacturers to test their vehicles through extreme Arizona conditions.

Private Casitas For Overnight Stay.

12 Private casitas rooms from the outside

Stay in one of the luxurious Arizona desert-themed casitas. 12 in all, they are very private and offer a front-row trackside experience.

Car Condo with Car Storage And Living Area

Build your own luxurious trackside garage with 2nd-floor for overnight stays. You can fully customize the second floor to become your home away from home.

Car Condo over Car Garage

Additionally, Enjoy the comfort and privacy of keeping your precious car in one of the 60 private customizable car storage garages. INDE Motorsports Ranch staff can have your vehicle warmed, gassed, and ready to go when you arrive.

Membership Excursions and Events

INDE EXCURSION – Members can schedule and experience a family, charity or corporate racing themed event while enjoying a day of high-performance driving on the road and race track with the guidance and supervision of experienced professional drivers.  Also, members and guests can enjoy a gourmet meal from a private chef and then gather around a blazing hypnotics fire in one of the private fire pits.

Dinner at a raceway event

Enjoy Private dining for your family, corporate, or charity events – all provided by a private gourmet chef.

Excursion Event Extras 

  • Use Of Up To Three Different Exotic Cars with Recorded In Car Personal Video
  • Experience Hot Laps In A Race Car With A Professional Driver
  • Enjoy an Exciting Day Of On-Track Driving Performance Driving
  • Learn T Drive a High-Performance Supercar Including Driving Instruction From A Professional Driver
  • Optional: Experience a Guided Tour Of The Private Collection Of Historic Military Aircraft
  • Optional: Offer Guests a Complimentary In-Car Video, Photo, Shirts, And Hats

INDE Motorsport Membership for Founding Members

  • One-Time Initiation Fee – CONTACT US
  • Annual Membership Dues – Average $7,000 – $9,000 (Call for quote)
  • Membership Duration – LIFETIME
  • Transfer fee to INDE Motorsports Ranch -10% OF ORIGINAL INITIATION FEE
  • Members Allowed Under Plan – ENTIRE FAMILY
  • Driving Guests Allowed Per Month – 5 AT NO CHARGE ($250 THEREAFTER)
  • Non-Driving Guests Allowed -18 Per Month
  • IMR Track & Facility Access – UNLIMITED
  • Member Can Participate With Outside Driving Events – YES, AT NO COST
  • High-Performance Driver Development Coaching -15% DISCOUNT
  • Custom Trackside Garage Pads – 1ST PRIORITY
  • Private Garage Bays – 1ST PRIORITY
  • Luxury Trackside Casita Packages -10% DISCOUNT

INDE MotorSport Ranch Contact Information and Location:


For General Trackside Operations
(877) 545-3874

INDE Motorsport Ranch Website

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