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The New Resolute Motorsports Club & Race Track Is Set To Open In Columbus, OH, Spring Of 2024

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The Resolute Motorsports Club (RMC) is planning a new 260-acre member-based motor sports track and car country club for car enthusiasts in Columbus. The proposed community will include a professional performance track, a multi-unit car condo community, corporate event facilities, and even a car dealership.

If all goes well with the local planning community, The Resolute Motorsports Club will open in the spring of 2024.

The Motorsports Club Car Club community will feature three car-craving experiences, including a 2-mile multi-turn race track, an off-road rally course with miles of trails, and a professionally designed outdoor karting circuit where karts can reach speeds of 55mph.

overview of a private race track

RMC’s private members have access to a professionally designed 2+ mile race road track, along with an off-road course and a karting track.

The club aims to make the racetrack and two karting tracks available to the public for personal enjoyment or for special events, despite the fact that it is essentially a private club for members only.

Members of a car club community can purchase a private track-side garage known as a “car condominium. “Owners of car condos can store, service, and entertain friends, family, and even business associates.

The Motorsports Club is also planning over 250 premium two-story car condo units, each with a large space for designing a car-themed playground and storage for multiple vehicles. The car condo are offered in different sizes and can typically store 2–8 collectible cars.

An inside view of a car condo

An inside view of a car condo built to comfortably store eight vehicles with custom interiors such as an entertainment area, mezzanine, 18′ ceilings, custom tiled floors and more.

Owners of car condos usually design and personalize their unit with a vehicle theme, such as Ferrari, Ford, or Corvette. (See OVER 100 CUSTOM GARAGE AWARD WINNING DESIGNS)

From The Developer “It’s a place to bond with your family, network with business associates. You’ll get to enjoy the camaraderie of the automotive community.” The car club would provide an automobile condominium community for car enthusiasts.

The Motorsports Club will offer four levels of membership. The highest level of membership will offer members with 244 days of unlimited track access. The mid-level membership includes 50 days of track access, while the social membership includes 30 days of unlimited track access.

There are also plans for a commercial business park and a variety of large event facilities. The automotive community will schedule events, vehicle tests, and product launches for automotive companies.

aerial view of ta race track

The Resolute Motorsports Car Country Club will include two full-length road courses, a kart track, an autocross course, a skid pad, an off-road rally-cross area as well as a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant.

A car dealership is also planned for the community. The dealership would sell high-end performance cars, muscle cars, and foreign models and even provide maintenance services. Peters said, “He envisions the dealership catching the eye of car collectors from around the country who would fly into the airport to look at and play with their cars.”

The sprawling car community and car country club would also have an element of residential use as well, with approximately 250 trackside “garage condo” units proposed to be constructed on the site for purchase by members of the club.

Peters said what is currently being presented is just the “tip of the iceberg” for the possible uses of the facility.

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RMC Planned Build Schedule:

Phase I:
Member’s 2 Mile Road Course
Trackside Garage Condo Units
1 Mile Karting Course
Rally Cross Course

Phase II:
Member’s Club House
Trackside & Off Track Garage Condo Units
3.5 Mile Public Course
Event Center
Fuel Station
Karting Center Clubhouse

Phase III:
Off Track Garage Condo Units
Skid Pad
Performance Center
Rental Garages
Business Park

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