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Experience The Autobahn® Car Country Club and Racetrack Just Outside of Chicago

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Autobahn Country Club, Race Track, Car Condo, and Classic Car Storage Complete Overview.

Autobahn Auto Club Logo


The Autobahn Race Track and Country Club is a fully outfitted event venue featuring an Award-Winning Chef, meeting rooms, exhibition space, spacious event areas, wifi, and top of the line catering.

Your time at Autobahn Race Track includes more than exhilarating driving around the track. We’re a vibrant community of automotive enthusiasts who can’t stop chasing that adrenaline rush. Being a member connects you to everyone from novice drivers, to racing professionals and every type of enthusiast in between, who appreciate their prized vehicles and share your passion to drive in a safe and controlled environment. Autobahn makes every visit feel like coming home.

Enjoy Your Passion, On Your Schedule

At Autobahn Country Club, you’ll be able to realize your ultimate automotive goals. With a variety of membership levels, you may hone your driving skills, experience unlimited track sessions without the track day traffic, build your own luxury garage, and be around a community of automotive enthusiasts.

We invite all with a passion for motorsports to join our community, perfect for you and your family.

Join The Club

This Car Club Is For The Car Enthusiasts Plus It Has Atmosphere.

Our member-base includes a variety of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs from all types of backgrounds and experiences, but we all have one thing in common: we love cars.

At Autobahn Country Club, it’s not just the on-track action that keeps members coming back, but the club atmosphere and culture as well.

Unlimited RaceTrack Time

If you’re not satisfied with waiting an entire day at a race track day, membership at Autobahn is for you. Club members have full access to the track at any time.

Car Club Members have many racing opportunities including rally-x, karting, and continuous track sessions. This means that there are always opportunities to get behind the wheel at top speeds at any time at the Autobahn Race Tack & Country Club.


Interested in membership at Autobahn Country Club with Racetrack access?

Explore our track, our amenities, our resources, and our community. The Autobahn Test Drive is your immersive tour of what we can offer and assist with your membership.

Take a tour of the track, talk cars with our members, and tour our realty options to begin your membership experience. They currently have 44o club and storage members.

Contact us today to schedule your test drive.  Included in your Test Drive:

  • Facility Tour
  • Complimentary Lunch to discuss membership benefits
  • Lunchtime Touring session in your vehicle
  • Average visit length: 2 Hours

We encourage you to plan a visit so we may discuss the many benefits of membership and provide a facility tour.    Low-speed track access may be available if weather permits.

Country Club Membership

Ultimate access to our first-class race track facilities.

  • Unlimited Race Track Access
  • Unlimited Kart Track Access
  • Professional Driving Instruction
  • Member Racing Series
  • Club Social Events
  • Includes Immediate Family (children up to 27)
  • Initiation Fee $40,000
  • Annual Dues $5,250

Social Membership

Join the Motorsports enthusiast culture.

  • Unlimited Lunchtime Touring
  • Access to Autobahn Off-road Trail
  • Unlimited Track Privileges
  • One year’s Membership Fee may be applied toward initiation
  • Includes Immediate Family
  • No Initiation Fee
  • Annual Dues $4,200

Karting Membership

Race Car Kids Karting on Track

This Kart (Mini Race Car) Is Available For Members.


Enroll Your Kids in a Kart Racing League

  • Youth Motorsports Start at Age 6
  • Unlimited Kart Racing Track Access.
  • Private Driving Instruction
  • Discount on all Autobahn Driving Programs
  • Unique driving opportunities
  • Club Social Experiences
  • Includes Immediate Family (children up to 27)
  • No Initiation Fee

Drive the car or kart of your dreams, or experience the potential of your own ride on Autobahn’s Grand Prix Circuit and 5 miles of track. Including custom-designed race and kart tracks, skidpad, rallycross course, and off-road trail.

Autobahn Country Club Lots and Race Track Aerial View

Autobahn Country Club Lots and Race Track

By building a Garage Mahal at Autobahn Country Club, you can fully realize your ultimate Automotive vision.

Family-friendly spaces to the ultimate bachelor pad, race workshop to collection display, our members have all found their Garage Mahal a wonderful way to experience their automotive-centric lifestyle.

Over 30 Buildings Complete including 440 members.

Garage Condos & Buildings

Upgrade your track day experience into a stress-free weekend. Purchase existing real estate with unmatched views and a full garage.

Purchasing property is just one way to take full advantage of Autobahn Country Club’s ecosystem of services. Our Garage Condos are move-in ready, and feature both living space and an expansive garage.

Inside View of Condo and Garage

Decorate Your Condo and Storage Garage To Your Custom Specifications



  • The double unit first floor is 2,583 sq ft, double unit
  • Cathedral ceilings on the second floor, skylight option
  • Upstairs options range from 1,334 sq ft. to 2,583 sq ft.
  • A single unit can hold 5 cars or more with a lift,
  • A double unit can hold 10+ cars. (lifts not included)
  • The single Unit is 25’ x 50’ with a 1,250 sq ft. upstairs
  • Bathroom and utility room downstairs
  • Deck looking towards the South Circuit


Single Unit Car Condo with Garage

Single Unit Car Condo with Garage


  • Single Condos can hold up to 6 cars in the garage,
  • Double Unit can hold 10 without lifts!
  • The first floor has a bathroom with a shower, laundry room, and a big storage closet under the stairs.
  • Upstairs has 2 bedrooms, nice kitchen with island, big bathroom, nice living area and a deck looking at the South Circuit. Double Condo unit upstairs has 3-floor plan options, 3 bedrooms with an office, 3 bedrooms with a large master suite or 2 bedrooms with windows looking into the garage to see your collection!!
  • All three-floor plans have a large deck. Single and Double units have Cathedral ceilings on the second floor 11’ high! Skylight option available!
Floor Plan For Storage Garage

Customize Your Condo and Garage Floorplan

Autobahn Garage

The Autobahn Garage is one of the Garage Mahals located on Phase I Lot 11 and is jointly owned by a group of members.

The building overlooks the North Circuit and has a total of 13 shares; some members own more than one share. Each share entitles the owner space to keep 2 cars, one on the lift and one under the lift, use of the entire building and all its amenities.

Autobahn Country Club Building

Autobahn Country Club offers a convenient solution for your car storage needs.
Rent your own private garage to store your track cars, pit vehicles, go-karts, and racing gear.


Car-Collection Rental Garage Building

Convenient, weatherproof storage for two of your pride and joys plus some.


  • Each Bay is 15’ x 25’ with a 12’ ceiling
  • Can hold 2 cars w/a lift (not included)
  • Room for your karts/golf kart
  • Room for a workbench
  • Heat and electricity included
  • 24/7/365 monitored and secure storage
  • Outside wash area
  • Common bathroom and shower for this development
  • 50’ full width 2 garage door option


  • Launching a new model, promotion, or event? Autobahn Country Club has the facility and expertise to create curated automotive events.
  • Autobahn Country Club is your specialized facility for OEM-hosted training, consumer arrive and drive events, automotive clubs, organizations, and corporate experiences.
  • Porsche, BMW, Audi, Jeep, and more have hosted events here to create long-lasting experiences for the press, their dealer network, and customers both current and future.

Autobahn Country Club and Entertainment

The club offers all types of services for corporate and private events and services. They include over 6,000 sq. ft. of event space offering media services, OEM-hosted car training, entertainment, and more. You can provide your own custom event venue, or they have a full staff that will plan one for you.

  • Fully outfitted event venue
  • 6,100  sq ft  indoor event and entertainment space
  • Two large meeting and  classrooms
  • Facility wide wifi communications offering full broadband
  • Catering provided by our On-site award-winning chef
Custom Catered Party

Custom Catered Event Venues


Garage Party With Club Members and Guest

The Race TrackThe Race Track has plenty of opportunities to enjoy, exercise, and perfect your driving skills. Currently, the club over three types of driving schedules and training.

  1. Individual driving includes The Autobahn Sprint, the Autobahn Performance Drive, The Autobahn Performance Drive II, and the Radical Driving School.
  2. Group driving includes: The Autobahn Autocross, The Autobahn Rush Hour and The Autobahn Karting.
  3. Defensive instructional driving training includes: Teen Driving Safety Training, Fleet Driving Safety Training, and Law Enforcement Training.

Full Race Track Specification:

It’s YOUR turn to get behind the wheel of our fleet of exotic cars in Chicago, IL. Book your driving or riding Xperience on a world-class racetrack in supercars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and more! No experience necessary. Our Professional Instructors will teach you how to drive the racing line, as you cross ‘Drive a Supercar’ off of your bucket list!

Located in Joliet, Illinois, the Autobahn Country Club is a driver’s paradise only 45 minutes from downtown Chicago. Designed by famed Track architect, Alan Wilson, the North Track is 1.46 miles long with a total of 9 turns, a 1237 ft straightaway, elevation changes, perfect racing curbing, and a high-quality track surface. The track also has country club amenities including a great cafe, clubhouse, and many spectator viewing areas to catch the action.

  • The award-winning design by esteemed Alan Wilson and Wilson Motorsport Inc
  • Located on 350 ACRES
  • 3.56 Miles Total
  • 19-turn (8 lefts, 11 rights) Full Circuit
  • Longest Straight 1,850 feet
  • 40 Feet Wide
  • Elevation Change: 18 feet
  • Pole is Left
  • Longest Straight

Map of The Autobahn Race Track

Autobahn Track INDEPENDENT REVIEW:  (Review by Super Street Online)

“What you’ll find is a truly impressive facility with a 40-foot-wide racing surface with plenty of runoff area for those overzealous members who mistake their left foot for that of Sebastian Vettel’s. Although the Full Circuit is relatively flat, there’s a flight-inducing hillcrest on the long straightaway between turns 12 and 13 (where even rear-engine Porsches can catch some air). There are other areas with subtle elevation change that add a bit of interest, but don’t let Autobahn’s relative flatness fool you into thinking it’s an easy circuit to master. With 19 turns, many of which are “bundled” into tricky corner complexes (a trademark of track designer Alan Wilson’s work), if you’re anything like us it’ll take you more than a day or two to fully explore the speed potential this place offers.”

“Our favorite part of the track is the south section, running down to Patience (turns 9 and 10) from the deceivingly quick left-hand turn 3 (the one spot on the track where the walls aren’t far off). Turn 4 is deceptively fast, thanks to the banking in the corner that allows entry speeds of 90+ mph. The double-apex turn 6 is also a courage-tester, since getting a good launch out of it sets you up for the fast run down through The Kink on the way into turn 8. It’s easy to carry too much speed into 8 (don’t ask us how we know), and, as its name implies, you do need to be very patient with the gas pedal as you exit turn 10 onto the first of the two long straights that follow.”

Additional Track Features Include:


Here are some benefits of joining a private car club.

  • Full access to a venue or events.
  • Wine and dine at community galas.
  • Socialization with other car enthusiasts.
  • Educate and learn about your specific car.
  • Share and connect with friends and family.
  • A chance to drive and exercise your car.
  • Access to regular car shows and auto events.


Car Rental is offered through “The Extreme Experience:

  • Race Track Car Rental Cost and Fees:
  • Ride-Alongs Starting at $49
  • Supercar Xperiences Starting at $199 (3 Laps)

Supercar Rental Car Options and Costs start at $199 for 3 laps. The following are possible rental options

  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4
  • McLaren 570S
  • Mercedes AMG GT R
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • Corvette C8 Z51
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
  • Dodge Hellcat Widebody
  • Chevy SS Ride-Along
  • Nissan GT-R

Victory Lane
Event Success with Autobahn Country Club

Ferrari Race Car On Racetrack


Chicago Skyline View

Less than one hours outside of downtown with Chicago easy access to I-80 and I-55

Contact Information and Location

Autobahn Country Club
3795 Centerpoint Way
Joliet, IL 60436

(815) 722-2223
[email protected]



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