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Top 10 Car Condo Locations

M1 Concourse Club

M1 CONCOURSE CLUB (MICHIGAN) – The M1 Concourse features an exclusive community of more than 250 secure Private Garages set along a 1.5 mile Champion Motor Speedway, a 2.5-acre skid-pad, corporate event centers, and both professional and beginner driver education. The facility offers 24/7 security, car enthusiasts events as well as classic, vintage, and supercar car shows. This definitely is a FIVE STAR racetrack and Club and is and a must-see if you visit the Detroit Metro area in Michigan.
(M1 Concourse Feature Article)

AutoPlex Car Club

CHANHASSEN AUTOPLEX (MINNESOTA) – The Minnesota Autoplex is an energetic and supercharged car and motorcycle community offering over 120 private individually owned car condominiums where you can store, showcase and restore your car collection. You can regularly enjoy classic, vintage, motorcycle and supercar car shows with friends and family such as the “Car and Man Caves” Summer Nights weekend show. They regularly feature such cars as  Studebakers to Corvettes, Mopars, Porsches, Ferraris, street rods and even the Batmobile, Green Hornet, Scooby-Doo van and the armored truck from Mission Impossible III. Additional facilities include a private clubhouse, car wash and 24/7 security. (Minnesota Autoplex Feature Article)

INDE Motor Sports Car Club

INDE MOTORSPORTS RANCH (ARIZONA) – The Inde Motorsports Ranch has a 2.75-mile professionally designed race track that offers over 40 configurations, private garages, professional racing instructors, a go-karting track, Skid Pads, luxury casitas for overnight stays, an FAA-approved airstrip, and award-winning wining and dining facilities, all overlooking one of the greatest scenic mountain backdrops in Arizona. (Inde MotorSports Ranch Feature Article)

APEX Motor Club

APEX Motor Club members enjoy world-class racing circuits, country club-style amenities, private garages, and more. Join a limited crowd for unlimited speed.

The Porsche Tower

THE PORSCHE TOWER IN MIAMI – is a new luxury oceanfront condo located in the elegant neighborhood of Sunny Isles Beach. The project is a partnership between developer Gil Dezer, owner of Dezer Development, and the luxury German brand Porsche Design.

The Thermal Club

THE THERMAL CLUB IN CALIFORNIA – Spanning nearly 400 acres of land in Palm Desert, California, the exclusive Thermal Club is one of the most impressive racing clubs in the world. 

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