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The Inaugural Monterey Motorsports Festival 2023 Kicks Off A Celebration of Automotive Excellence and Innovation (August 19, 2003)

August 19, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Exotic sports cars at the Monterey Motorsports Festival

The Inaugural Monterey Motorsports Festival will kick off on Scheduled for Saturday, August 19 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in Monterey, CA. launching a full day of all new car-themed events and experiences.

The event takes place on 22 acres and features over 20 new auto-themed displays, fun-filled vehicle experiences, culinary delights, and live entertainment.

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The Monterey Motorsports Festival opens at 11 a.m. and is scheduled to close at 10:00 p.m. Saturday, August 19, 2023. Tickets for the Monterey Motorsports Festival for general admission cost $121.00 for general admission and $290.00 for VIP tickets. You can (Buy Tickets Here).

This new Motor Festival is not merely an assembly for automobile enthusiasts. Each event has been carefully curated to provide auto enthusiasts and car collectors with an in-depth exploration of the vast realm of the newest automotive innovations.

An Inclusive Automotive Experience

The Monterey Motorsports Festival caters to a diverse audience. Whether one has an in-depth knowledge of automotive technology or simply enjoys the rumble of an engine, the festival offers a comprehensive experience. Visitors will be able to witness a harmonious blend of vintage classics and modern innovations, all presented amidst the scenic beauty of Monterey Park.

Exploring the Expansive Venue

The 22-acre, nature-filled Monterey Fair Grounds and Park Is the perfect location for this event. It is centrally located in the center of all the Monterey Car Week events. The park is filled with native oak trees, grassy lawns, and historical structures, and is the anchor to Monterey’s live entertainment amphitheater.

  • Showcasing Innovations: The festival will be a platform for both cutting-edge electric-solar technologies and revered classic vehicles that have shaped automotive history.
  • Diverse Vehicle Displays: The park will be filled with high-end supercars, classic collectible cars, vintage race cars, rugged off-road vehicles, and contemporary motorcycles – just to name a few.
  • Interactive Engagements: Ticket holders will have the opportunity to experience driving simulators, participate in auto-related workshops, and interact and rub shoulders with influential figures in the automotive industry.
  • Culinary and Entertainment Delights: Beyond automobiles, the festival ensures all visitors have all-day access to international culinary food stalls, gourmet food courts with libations, live music performances, and other engaging activities.

Special Automotive Attractions

While the festival is primarily centered around automobiles, there are several special attractions planned such as the Mecum auto auction, vehicle workshops, and a place for kids to run wild.

  • Live Auctions: Rare and vintage cars will be auctioned off and provided by Mecum Classic Car Auction. Mecum will provide a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire over 600 classic and vintage cars’ unique pieces. the Mecum auction will be broadcast live.
  • Expert Workshops: All visitors will have access to renowned experts from the automotive world who will conduct do-it-yourself workshops. The workshops offer insights into car maintenance, classic car restoration techniques, and the future of automotive design.
  • Children’s Zone: A dedicated area for children will feature mini car rides, face painting, and other fun activities to keep the young ones entertained.

A Deeper Engagement with the Automotive World

One of the main themes of the festival is that, beyond a mere car show, it encourages active participation in auto experiences. Attendees can engage in dialogues with industry experts, including vehicle manufacturers, car dealers, race car tech specialists, and custom vehicle build-outs. The Monterey Motorsports Festival agenda includes insightful interviews with auto professionals, panel discussions, and narratives that provide a deeper understanding of the evolution of the automotive industry.

Kids Activities

For younger attendees, the festival has curated a range of activities, from automotive-themed video games to live demonstrations of car detailing and interactive zones inspired by motorsports. Additionally, the festival will feature mini car rides, face painting, and other fun activities for the kids.

Reflecting on Automotive Evolution

The festival serves as a mirror, reflecting the community’s values, aspirations, evolutionary journey, and innovation in the automobile. The event activities provide a comprehensive view, tracing the lineage of vehicles from the inception of the car back in 1886, to future electric vehicles.

Amplifying the Essence of Monterey’s Car Week

Monterey’s Car Week attracts thousands of car enthusiasts and has become one of the world’s greatest automotive events. As such, the addition of the Monterey Motorsports Festival will greatly enhance the week’s offerings, emphasizing not just the vehicles but the stories, technological progress, and visionaries behind them.

Fostering Collaborative Opportunities

The festival is also a nexus for networking. The Monterey Motorsports Festival promises to offer a platform where professionals, hobbyists, and general car enthusiasts can converge, exchange ideas, and potentially embark on collaborative ventures.

Promoting Sustainable Automotive Advancements

In an era marked by environmental awareness, the festival aims to greatly encourage and help educate the automotive industry’s strategy for future sustainability. The Monterey Motorsports Festival will highlight the advancements in electric and solar-powered vehicles and offer a glimpse into the future of eco-friendly transportation and electric vehicles.

Concluding Thoughts

The Monterey Motorsports Festival is not just an event; it symbolizes a movement into the future technoloies of mobility.

It encapsulates the essence of engineering marvels, community bonding, and a forward-looking approach where automotive passion aligns with environmental responsibility. As the festival unfolds, it’s evident that Monterey remains a hub for automotive enthusiasm, with a vision that resonates with the future.

Event Details:

  • Name: Mecum Monterey Motorsports Festival
  • Location: Monterey County Fairgrounds, Monterey, CA
  • Date & Time: Saturday, August 19, 11:00 am PDT.
  • Tickets: $112 General Admission (Buy Tickets Here).


A Commitment to Community Welfare

The Monterey Motorsports Festival is rooted in community values. Acknowledging the importance of societal contributions, a segment of the festival’s earnings will support local charities, notably the Boys and Girls Club, The Heritage Foundation, and Victims of Crime.

Safety and Accessibility

Ensuring the safety and comfort of all attendees is a top priority for the organizers of the Monterey Motorsports Festival. The venue is equipped with first-aid stations, and trained medical personnel will be on standby to address any emergencies. Additionally, the event is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that all attendees can navigate the venue with ease.

Ticketing and Accommodations

Tickets for the festival can be purchased online or at the venue.

Early bird discounts and group packages are available for those looking to save. For out-of-town guests, several hotels in Monterey are offering special rates for festival attendees. It’s advisable to book accommodations in advance due to the expected high turnout.

Sustainability Initiatives

In line with the festival’s commitment to sustainability, there will be recycling stations throughout the venue. Attendees are encouraged to use these facilities to ensure minimal environmental impact. Moreover, the festival is partnering with local environmental organizations to offset its carbon footprint, making it one of the greenest events of its kind.

Feedback and Engagement

Attendees are encouraged to provide feedback through dedicated kiosks at the venue. This input will be invaluable for future iterations of the festival. Additionally, there will be opportunities to engage with the event on social media, with photo booths and interactive displays set up for attendees to share their experiences online.

Final Words

The Mecum Sponsored Monterey Motorsports Festival is set to be a landmark event in the future must-attend events. With its blend of history, innovation, community engagement, and entertainment, it promises a holistic experience for all attendees. Whether you’re a die-hard car enthusiast or just looking for a fun day out, the festival offers something for everyone. Mark your calendars and be a part of this grand celebration of automotive excellence.

Monterey County Fairgrounds
2004 Fairground Rd, Monterey, CA 93940

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August 19, 2023
11:00 am - 11:00 pm
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Mecum Auctions
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Monterey County Fairgrounds
2004 Fairground Rd
Monterey, CA 93940 United States
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(831) 372-5863
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