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The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 42nd Anniversary 10-Day Motorsport Festival, July 26-August 4, 2024

July 22 @ 8:00 am - August 4 @ 5:00 pm

Cars Racing on Track at the The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (PVGP) is revving up for its 42nd anniversary in 2024, promising a one-of-a-kind celebration of vintage racing and classic cars in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Since its inception in 1983, this iconic event has evolved into one of the nation’s premier vintage racing spectacles and a mega car showcase featuring over 3,000 classic, vintage, and historic vehicles.

Ford Racing

Event Overview:

This 10-day motorsport festival combines the thrill of vintage car racing with the charm of Pittsburgh’s scenic Schenley Park. The PVGP offers a unique automotive experience, blending live old-school racing competition with spectacular car shows and live entertainment.

Car collectors and enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in automotive history while witnessing the passion Pittsburgh holds for classic cars.Key Features:

  1. Vintage Racing: The only vintage race event still run on city streets in the United States.
  2. International Car Show: Showcasing thousands of classic, vintage, and exotic cars.
  3. Multiple Venues: Events spread across various locations in Pittsburgh, culminating in Schenley Park.
  4. Charitable Focus: Raising funds for autism and intellectual disability charities.
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Festival Highlights:

  • Kick-off events including car shows and parties around Pittsburgh
  • Historics Weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex (July 26-28)
  • Main race weekend in Schenley Park (August 3-4)
  • Special displays and reunions, including the Ford GT40 60th Anniversary Celebration

The PVGP’s 42-year legacy stands as a testament to automotive excellence, rivaling world-renowned events like The Goodwood Festival in the UK. Its unique blend of street racing and spectacular car shows has cemented the PVGP’s place as one of the most extraordinary and prestigious automotive celebrations worldwide.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix for an unforgettable journey through automotive history, where the car passion for classic cars meets the excitement of vintage racing in America’s City of Steel. .


Buckle up for the ultimate vintage racing challenge at Schenley Park! This heart-pounding 2.33-mile street course boasts 23 white-knuckle turns and a gauntlet of urban obstacles. Drivers must navigate haybales, dodge manhole covers, weave around telephone poles, and skirt stone walls in a high-speed dance with danger.

Some of the featured Vintage Races that will take place during the weekend of August 3-4 at Schenley Park will be a once in a life site to see.

They include the Pittsburgh International Vintage Race, the GT40 60th Anniversary Reunion Races (Sunday), Vintage Sports 2000 North America races, and the Historic Stock Car Racing Association races (NEW 2024)

The grand finale of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix roars to life on Sunday, August 4, 2024. Witness 125 classic speed machines push their limits on Pittsburgh’s city streets, as 100,000 fans line the course for this once-a-year automotive spectacle.

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Schenley Park Race Weekend – August 3-4, 2024
The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix will race vintage cars through Pittsburg streets while viewer watch form the hills of the Bob O’Connor Golf Course. This once in a life time PVGP weekend uniquely combines over 17 distinct displays (car shows) featuring more than 3,000 cars and 1000,000 fans.

Stock Car Racing on a race track

Experience the roar of history at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix as it welcomes the Historic Stock Car Racing Association (HSCRA) for an exhilarating 3-day event, July 26-28, 2024, at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Witness classic stock cars thunder around the track, bringing the golden era of racing back to life.

Additional visitors can experience over 3,000 vintage cars from multiple car shows, as well as sponsor tents, vendors, a food and drink court, and a LiveStream entertainment stage.

What sets the PVGP apart is its street circuit. Racers navigate a challenging course that includes hay bales, telephone poles, and manhole covers – elements not typically found on modern racetracks. This adds an extra layer of excitement and skill to the competition, harking back to the early days of motor racing.


Though racing is the main attraction of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, the multiple car shows are the most visited. The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix at Schenley Park is unique in combining auto races with a multitude of vintage, classic, and exotic car shows.

Nearly 3,000 cars from all makes and models will be displayed at the Bob O’Connor Golf Course, ranging from museum award-winning classics to rare and exotic privately owned vehicles. Featured displays include the Italian Cortile show, Pittsburgh Cars N Coffee, and German Hill car show, just to name a few. Additionally, there will be shows for American and Asian-branded cars, with a significant presence of over 500 British cars.

  1. Italian Cortile: Showcasing Italian cars
  2. German Hill: Featuring Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and VW
  3. American Classic and Muscle Cars
  4. Asian-branded cars
  5. Over 500 British cars

Special Featured Events:

  1. Ford GT40 60th Anniversary Reunion:
    Ford celebrates six decades of the GT40 with a special showcase, featuring various iterations from original 1964 models to modern versions.
  2. Historic Stock Car Racing Association (HSCRA) Debut:
    Making its PVGP premiere, the HSCRA brings classic stock cars, including show cars, race cars, and prototypes. A special HSCRA racing event will be held from July 26-28, 2024, at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex.
  3. Vintage Sports 2000 North America Showcase:
    This group will present a collection of vintage and historic race cars from around the world, adding to the event’s international appeal.
  4. Pittsburgh Cars N Coffee:
    A gathering of car enthusiasts showcasing a variety of vehicles.
The Pittsburgh International Car

The Pittsburgh International Car Show takes place on August 3-4, sporting over 3,000 highly collectible cars, including Italian Cortile (all Italian cars), German Hill (all German cars: Porsche, Mercedes, BMW), American Classic and Muscle Cars, and Asian-branded cars.

The addition of these featured car show events and displays, particularly the Ford GT40 reunion and the HSCRA debut, promises to make the 2024 PVGP an even more memorable event for car enthusiasts and racing fans alike. Additionally, there will be shows for American and Asian-branded cars, with a significant presence of over 500 British cars.

**The International Car Show takes place on Saturday, August 3, and Sunday, August 4, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

**Entry fee for show cars is $50 for the weekend, while spectators aged 12 and over can enjoy the show for a $10 charity donation.

Video: What to Expect at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Key Events Usually Include:

  1. Vintage Races: The heart of the PVGP, featuring classic cars from various eras competing on the challenging 2.33-mile circuit through Schenley Park.
  2. International Car Show: A showcase of hundreds of classic and exotic cars from around the world.
  3. Tune-Up Party: A pre-race celebration that allows fans to mingle with drivers and see the cars up close.
  4. Walnut Street Car Show: A popular event featuring classic cars lining the streets of Shadyside.
  5. Countryside Tour: A scenic drive through the Pittsburgh countryside for participating vintage cars.

Charitable Focus: One of the most admirable aspects of the PVGP is its commitment to charity. Since its inception, the event has raised millions of dollars for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley School. This charitable focus adds a meaningful dimension to the excitement of the races and car shows.

As the PVGP celebrates its 42nd year, it continues to honor the rich history of motorsports while providing a unique, family-friendly experience that captures the spirit of Pittsburgh. Whether you’re a die-hard racing fan, a classic car enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun summer event, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix offers something for everyone.

Full Schedule: 2024 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Events


July 22 @ 8:00 am
August 4 @ 5:00 pm
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Schenley Drive & Darlington Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 United States
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